[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 5


  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

6 f( w- i# e! u# b% r” j9 b

       When the first generation of envoys came out, it seemed that the landlord was still struggling in the classroom of senior one. At that time, nikede

The slogan is “all day”“Wait”, I still remember that the advertisement of envoy 1 was printed in an issue of the pioneer newspaper

At the bottom of the face, the word “all weather” is very eye-catching.I’ve always admired Nike’s advertising. The word “all weather” ends

All show the characteristics of ambassador 1’s Outfield Shoes. In this advertisement, I seem to beAlmost saw the loyalty of the sneakers to the host

Honesty, the owner’s trust in shoes and the pleasure of fighting side by side on the court. Good buddyI want to play together

The world…

    And in a flash…. Five years have passed~

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 51 
[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 52 ) I6 f0 n- M+ p3 l

     Unconsciously5In, unknowingly, the envoy arrived5Dai, I was looking for it1I realized my dream of high school,/ I1 ?) P8 \; j$ y
But they didn’t find the right one,This time5Dai felt that the appearance was very characteristic and the configuration was also good, so he lost the double.

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 53 

    Florida color matching, I think the color matching is very good. The embroidered laces and soles are peach red and added in the tongue
MinistryThe exposed orange is very gorgeous against the dark color of the upper.” x+ J’ O5 f- A4 k
8 w5 C, b6 |: G* G9 b0 O” i

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 54 ; {! _: G’ m   _, g6 u. E: _

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 55 

4 W” K- T9 _6 k+ d’ h5 a    [
    This kind of “steel seal” on the upper and tongue (I can’t tell the technical process, so I’ll just call it a steel seal, if

Inappropriate, please correctIt looks very strong, which reflects James’s strong and domineering style. James on the tongueLogolower

The two intersecting grooves justGood is the cross path of shoelaces. Fastening shoelaces can prevent shoes to a certain extent

Tongue deviation.
6 \, i0 W’ t0 b7 ?7 n5 T’ {  I

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 56 
5 F+ Q& `+ ^. i4 I! b
    Flying line people see benevolence, wise people see wisdom. It’s not very useful to say it’s useful, but it’s also a little useful to say it’s useless.1 U! N9 h” v/ G8 z

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 57 ( }6 O& j    [; v, j

    The tongue mesh is thick and breathable.# Q# m) _% B’ ~5 |% Q

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 58 
) g4 A2 A2 A3 ]6 g* }/ t/ M7 r6 J
    I’m also quite different in the asymmetric design of the toe. The big toe is reinforced with leather. On leatherlogoThe display of is also very innovative.

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 59 . Q’ S9 p! m. Q+ G8 q6 k
* S6 X# \( Q! l: r( G( [” W, h* V
[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 510 

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 511 

   frontzoomaftermax, previous generations seemed to be single air cushions,nikeIt’s a bit of a conscience, but, envoy5Price of

Greg is still strong there.

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 512 6 P! N. M0 b: o, _& amp; E9 Z

3 e! p6 I( ^5 A” y5 ]
    I don’t know why this sole is. When I see him, I will think of itLBJ9。 It’s awesome to catch the ground. Behind that window, I am.

I’m afraid it’ll burst.– @) `& Q6 f# j9 h6 t! y    E0 I

/ x0 t+ f9 u    Z& v
[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 513 
– T. A: d) |7 P” d( i3 y! x
[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 514 
” P0 @0 g1 {% @$ U’ ~0 \  E
[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 515 
$ _ 9 p+ q+ P+ v; L5 N
[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 516 % m% g5 Q! U3 A/ F: {2 o; x( Z/ E
    * @, M% e. W( R
    Lining and upper lining. The lining feels very delicate, the leather piece is very soft, and the upper foot feels great.! L4 v7 ?* ?/ C) _
– P1 D$ M5 u    Q5 Y. Q) H8 Q3 n

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 517 
+ d2 a8 J3 F2 T$ u( K    i’ q/ b
[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 518 ” i3 o8 I    O( }! H6 u4 W

    The vent on the insole is JameslogoRoute. The insole is glued to the bottom, and the routing under the insole is very neat. [‘ x0 z” l; n
* S$ F- P1 V, e7 f! I- t) \  K” A

( M4 S9 z” ]) f) d* K- o3 D
2 b/ U: m! J  {; x8 \, |1 N
    Envoys5That’s all the details.
    The following is the actual combat goods. Because no base friends took pictures, they didn’t take actual combat pictures. Give a score for just a few photos of your feet(10(score system)
Let’s talk about the actual experience./ c5 [6 u# H1 a; N( C- C

7 @9 q8 [& C+ `    V9 Y) V4 t% {1 o
[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 519 % F* @& F; ` 5 G( ]
/ U% N+ j2 s7 ~1 F! s% v- r
    The appearance varies from person to person. As mentioned earlier, this kind of appearance design is more in line with the landlord’s appetite. Give me a chance8Points.
Package:8.5branch* s8 ^1 e& r# q- \’ C1 W8 V1 q+ |# U
    I have something to say on the package, Ambassador5 It’s half a size smaller, so I feel very tight when I first wear it. I suggest friends who are ready to go first
Try your feet. The combination of inner boot and fly line provides strong wrapping and support. After tying the shoelace, the foot looks tightly locked inside
Like, there will be no sliding phenomenon.8 R! M- ^- o8 F6 R$ _
” d; O; v5 L0 X’ s! K; t$ p

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 520 

ventilation:7branch1 C: ^4 F! h! \3 S, C
    The uppers are made of leather without any breathable design. It feels like covering your feet in actual combat. I don’t know whether it’s related to the weather,
I arrived at three o’clock in the afternoon5It’s sunny and the temperature is high20About degrees.
Workmanship:9branch$ R: V; s3 S4 S# C8 K
    I’ve seen too muchnikeadi, plastic and mesh shoes. When I get these real leather shoes, I feel very kind. Vamp; Y5 c! q- M2 ~1 W! k7 G   ` ( h/ u
And insolesThe following car lines are very neat and solid, and the materials are sincere enough.
# v: x6 {* T4 f- ~
– e7 v+ U5 r( `9 N# b/ i
[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 521 

    The same score as workmanship,zoom+maxIt’s a good configuration on the field, frontzoomAwesome, I

My playing style is pitching anddefense,They have high requirements for the forefoot. After shooting and landing, they can obviously feel the elasticity of the forefoot,

I feel very full when I press the road at ordinary times. afterPalm just startedIt’s hard to wear. Maybe it hasn’t been stepped on yet. It still needs time to run in.
    If the code is an envoy5The second drawback is that the first drawback must be that the upper protection is not enough. Envoys5The back of your hand is too high

Design is a safety hazard,The design of the upper is not high enough, which is a hidden danger in the hidden danger. The upper can not completely wrap the ankle. because

The landlord has an old ankle injury, so he pays great attention in actual combat,Wear envoys5I didn’t skew my feet. I don’t know other envoys5Practical friends

Have any concerns about sprained feet.2 Z$ M7 {# T’ E# z7 ^! S7 t! E

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 522 , ]’ Q& L/ N; i( K# ^
* b’ t8 ^8 X6 ]0 p& ] 8 C7
Grab the ground8branch
    An important part of the soleThe inner side of the forefoot is wavy. Personally, I think it’s general. It may also be because I’m worried about sprain

No foot problemsPay 100% of the resistance strength to detect the grip. In general, the grip is quite satisfactory.

As for wear resistance, it will take timeInspection of.   J, `( k/ k2 U9 `

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 523 

    OK!!~The score is finished. The new envoy5, envoy6It’s coming out. According to the spy photos,5and6Your sole is not too big

Change, trust configurationThere should be no change in the world. This era will never catch up with it. In addition, I wish James

And saoway successfully defended the title. Carry the big flag in summerHua!

8 t& p) x6 N) k: {2 @! X
    Last Ambassador6End with your Spy Photos:

[shoe evaluation competition] envoy 524 

  ]5 p0 Z2 l4 c5 \) [‘ `$ R

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