[operation] small test outdry upper


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The function of outdry technology, which can be understood literally, is to keep dry.

I won’t be wordy about this technology:http://www.yoger.com.cn/info.asp?infoID=7589

There are two peakfreaks around at the same time, which can be used for a simple test.

Red on the left is without outdry technology, and the upper on the right is with outdry (see the outdry logo on the right side)

[operation] small test outdry upper1

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1: Splash water on the side.

Obviously, the left vamp gets wet immediately when it meets water, and the vamp color becomes darker. The upper on the right is splashed with water because it has outdry

It immediately becomes a ball and slides down. After about 5 minutes, the inner layer of the left upper is slightly wet, and the inner layer of the right upper is slightly wet

The layer is dry. At the same time, note that the color of the right upper is also a little darker, indicating that the upper is also soaked. as far as I am concerned,

Outdry is a layer of film in the vamp, so it is normal for the vamp to get wet. Outdry is to protect the feet inside the shoe

The dry part of the upper does not guarantee that the upper is not wet.

[operation] small test outdry upper2

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2. Flush against the toe.

I put my left hand and right hand in my shoes respectively. As soon as the faucet flushed, my left hand got wet. I kept running to the right

Water, the right hand in the shoe has not felt wet. Look inside the shoes. There is water in the shoes without outdry on the left

The insoles are wet. Take out the insoles and the soles are wet. The inside of the right shoe is dry.

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[operation] small test outdry upper3

[operation] small test outdry upper4

3. From the material point of view, the lining with and without outdry is different. Especially the toe cap, red on the left

The model is single-layer, and the one with outdry on the right is double-layer. Personally, I think those without outdry should have better air permeability. Outdry shoes

The air permeability of the surface is reserved.

[operation] small test outdry upper5

[operation] small test outdry upper6