[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo


  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

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[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo1[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo2[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo3 

(the three night running pictures are from the Internet and not taken by myself). t7 ]$ f+ ?& amp; [4 M+ K/ s* E& X$ y
When playing with this shoe, the first feeling is dazzling appearance,“Tie dyeing”Camouflage plusDiamond diamond pattern on midsole, blockhouse

Fort.It feels very light in your hand, lighter than the general 99x and thousand series. Although it is made in China, the workmanship is different

It is not inferior to American and British products in terms of, and the details are very OK. In fact, many people have the wrong view that the workmanship of American products is better than that of British products

Domestic products are good, but they should be advanced. I objectively say that nonono has handled a lot of British and American products. Sometimes I feel that

British handmade is very rough. Some logos are not cut so standard, and thread ends will also exist. NB is smart

Bring some specific high-end models to American or British products, regional restrictions, and create a sense of scarcity and noble blood.

This 890 shoe can be called slim,The package is quite good. It’s very comfortable to stick to your feet.New balance core in midsole

The core technology abzorb shock absorption pad is combined with the innovative technology Rev Lite insensitivity lightweight midsole material to reduce the overall cost

Weight without sacrificing cushioning.N-durance track grade super durable material is used on the outside of the outsole heel,

It is said that it can reach 3000 times the wear resistance of ordinary outsole materials, with excellent durability.– ?+ [# a& B( @/ y+ O
[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo4[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo5[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo6[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo7[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo8[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo9[operation] new balance 890 Red Flamingo10 . s5 n; q!