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     This windy city rose failed to bloom as promised in the new year, leaving us a slightly sad expectation, away from the knee

Nearly a year has passed since the operation, and it remains to be seen when the leading figure in Chicago will be able to return to the field

It’s a question mark. We can only send the best wishes to him. Ross didn’t wear his sneakers in the days when he left the court

Some are buried because of this. Today, Adidas rose 3.0 will be evaluated for you$ D    k- S0 p9 q
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      When I first bought Adidas rose 3, what impressed me most was the leather of the upper, which was a long lost texture,

It directly makes Adidas rose 3 win the shoes listed at the same time in terms of upper texture. After careful observation, we can

It is found that the upper of Adidas rose 3 is not only made of leather materials, but follows the sprint web of rose 2.0

Technology, inspired by falling rose petals, the designer perfectly combines leather with sprint web technology.

It can be said that it is the perfect combination of classical beauty and modern science and technology. After putting on your feet, you can feel the strong feeling of Adidas rose 3

Wrap feeling, which is much more “gentle” than today’s sneakers, thanks to the use of upper leather,

The excellent shoe shape also adds a lot of points to Adidas rose 3 in terms of package. After simple activities, sprint Web

The characteristics of technology have been brought into play. The feet don’t feel any stuffy and hot at all, and they are always refreshing

。 I can’t help falling in love with this combination, which not only gives Adidas rose 3 an excellent texture, but also makes it so breathable

Excellent.( r. w. F    e7 c9 F
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Support has always been the advantage of rose series, and this Adidas rose 3 naturally inherits it completely, with a midsole

The large-area sprint frame extends from the midsole to the heel, forming a three-dimensional support system and a special knot

The structure minimizes the weight of the shoes. The heel can always be locked in the shoe, and the sprint frame can let your feet

Move within a safe range without injury due to excessive reversal. In fact, the support of Adidas rose 3

There is not much bright spot. Because the predecessors are excellent in support, the support of Adidas rose 3 only needs to be improved

Inherited, this form of sprint frame technology has already matured after several years of development, so we don’t want to extravagance

For change, only this mature technology can escort Ross in the new season. Any new technology needs to be improved

To run in, although the mature technology lacks highlights, it is extremely stable and reliable in performance. This isit’s me

What we need most.
       The cushioning performance of rose series sneakers has always been criticized by everyone, but when we think about it carefully, it’s actually a pair

For pure guard shoes, cushioning should not be demanding. If the cushioning of sneakers is too soft,

It will make the defender suffer. The midsole of Adidas rose 3 is moderately soft and hard. When it comes to real combat,

The advantages of Adidas rose 3 in breakthrough are maximized. We all know that the first step in breakthrough is the most important

As an important step, it directly affects the success of your breakthrough, and Adidas rose 3 does not delay in the first step

Mud with water, a pleasant feeling will increase your confidence when you break through. The cushioning of the back palm is just right, of course, if you’re interested in

The cushioning is almost harsh. These Adidas rose 3 are not suitable for you. Looking at the midsole of Adidas rose 3, because it is

The breakthrough guard is specially built, so from this point of view, the midsole performance of Adidas rose 3 is excellent. Outburst

Friends with strong breaking ability should not miss it.
[shoe evaluation competition] Adidas rose 3 evaluation5[shoe evaluation competition] Adidas rose 3 evaluation6 

The tongue is the most important part of Adidas rose 3. The wide and thick sponge can not only protect your feet, but also

Rose’s exclusive logo appeared for the first time. According to the official introduction, the three petals represent the three brothers of rose, and the D in the middle represents

Their mother, one of them is Ross’s shirt number. Personally, I think this logo is really beautiful. shoes tongue

The rose tree on the back further emphasizes the honor of the owner of the shoes. Mesh material is used under the tongue,

I think this is also the simplest way to improve air permeability.   I$ G. t9 a. K    R+ r! `
[shoe evaluation competition] Adidas rose 3 evaluation7 

When it comes to grip, the adidas rose 3 behaves in a regular way. The full-length herringbone pattern makes the adidas rose 3 in office

Any court can perform well. The design of three bars running through the whole sole has great visual impact, and the herringbone pattern serves as

The earliest outsole pattern is absolutely unspeakable in terms of grip and traction, but it is made of non marking rubber

The sole, plus the soft outsole pattern, makes the wear resistance of Adidas rose 3 a hard injury, which is basically impossible on the cement ground

Get involved. The flat outsole of Adidas rose 3 plays a key role in the traction of shoes. You can

During each breakthrough, it is obvious that Adidas rose 3 recovers rapidly after deformation, which is a pair of people who like to break through

The guards are undoubtedly a gospel. Strong traction requires the same strong grip. Adidas rose 3

This aspect is also excellent.
       This year is difficult for the bulls and for Ross, but we have reason to believe that after Ross returns

The moment. Adidas rose 3 will become his most powerful assistant and weapon. Let’s look forward to it, Chicago rose

Bloom again!!!!!! h8 I, n5 \   x4 {! W9 H! `, X
& j6 H6 z: A’ M( Q! _

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