[daily new shoes] small fresh — zoom BB roshe 

Who would have thought that the Nike roshe, which is on sale all over the street and no one buys, would look like this?

Let’s meet the latest zoom BB roshe. These shoes look good and have a small and fresh appearance

And robust configuration.

We can see that zoom BB roshe adopts a practical outsole similar to KD IV, and the midsole obviously comes from roshe running

The design of the shoe is smooth. At the same time, a large zoom air can be seen through the transparent outsole

The palm Zoom Air hasn’t been in our sight for a long time.

In addition, the mesh upper with good air permeability also uses dynamic fly wire, and the hollowed out treatment at the ankle is very difficult

Hd2012 style.

Zoom BB roshe looks good as a whole. At least the performance of basketball shoes that dare to hold BB’s name will not be poor. They are all actual combat

The pair of zoom BB roshes are worthy of our expectation. They should be a pair of players outside the Nike hyper family

thighLittle fresh air.

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[daily new shoes] small fresh — zoom BB roshe2 
[daily new shoes] small fresh — zoom BB roshe3