[evaluation] evaluation of Kobe 8 system after actual combat


  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

       Unconsciously, Kobe has been with us for 17 years, and the boots under his feet have changed from Adidas to Nike

To the 8th generation. This generation, whether the upper or the cushioning configuration at the foot, has caused a lot of controversy among shoe fans

On the other hand, with the same questions, I took my sneakers to the actual combat in order to solve these puzzles.
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[evaluation] evaluation of Kobe 8 system after actual combat2 

       Let’s start with the appearance, because I have a Christmas version of the Kobe 8 system, so this generation of uppers is very special

The point is well reflected. Yes, is it very similar to cloth? The vamp of this generation is still very different from that of generation 7. Generation 7

Plastic + filwire, this generation has been replaced with the engineering mesh of engineered mesh. After the actual combat, I found that it was actually necessary to do so

There are advantages and disadvantages. First of all, it’s good to say, because the air permeability of sneakers is really unspeakable, or even worse, when it’s replaced with engineering mesh

It makes you feel that this is a pair of running shoes rather than basketball shoes. In the past, playing a ball at the foot is like steaming sauna in socks

At the same time, a fresher foot is bound to make people play better[evaluation] evaluation of Kobe 8 system after actual combat3。 However, the bad side is also very obvious, that is, the bag

Wrapping, compared with the almost abnormal wrapping of the previous generation, the wrapping of this generation is only enough in my opinion, if the low help basket

If the shoes can’t lock your feet firmly, you can’t devote yourself to the court. I hope this problem can be solved in the next generation

To improve.# w3 W: E# O; b2 d
         Let’s talk about cushioning. This generation abandoned the golden combination of zoom + carbon plate of previous generations and replaced it with Lunarlon+

Carbon plate,

[evaluation] evaluation of Kobe 8 system after actual combat4[evaluation] evaluation of Kobe 8 system after actual combat5 

Its advantages can be summarized as light weight and good elasticity, which can also be well experienced in actual combat. Personally, I think this is slow

In fact, the main advantage of the earthquake is that it fits your feet fast. Without the usual zoom, if you want to feel it, you must press the road first

It’s unnecessary, plug and play, and it’s most suitable for it. It’s very important for people who can’t wait to play when they buy new shoes

Students are a great gospel. But after all, it is a cushioning rubber, not an air cushion. Although its durability has been improved, it has passed

You can also see from the picture that there will still be wrinkles on it after actual combat, that is, the traces of collapse, so

I still have some doubts about its cushioning effect. After all, we are not players. We don’t have new shoes for every game

A pair of sneakers will follow us for a long time, and whether its cushioning effect will be weaker and weaker is a question worth thinking about.
         Protection is also a topic that must be mentioned,

 [evaluation] evaluation of Kobe 8 system after actual combat6 

Through the picture, we can clearly see that the forefoot has been obviously reinforced, and it can feel very hard and solid when pressed by hand

It protected my toes well during the war,

 [evaluation] evaluation of Kobe 8 system after actual combat7 

The 3D heel stabilizer at the back of the palm firmly locks the back of the palm. In actual combat, you can rest assured and do every action steadfastly

Don’t worry about sliding.* s’ r5 s% @. Z” N6 V+ |
       Each generation of Kobe boots represents the highest scientific and technological crystallization of Nike in low top basketball shoes, which marks Nike’s

The development direction of low top sneakers. Through comparison, it is not difficult to see that the territory of low top sneakers is becoming wider and wider and the stability is becoming more and more stable

The better, light and flexible. They had no chance with basketball shoes, but with the market of low top shoes, they have already become low top shoes

Shoes are the best pronoun. More and more friends around me have joined the camp of low top sneakers. If you like basketball

For those who like low top sneakers, I will definitely recommend this sneaker for you. You must choose it!!!!!!!,