[homework] agreed visvim FBT evaluation


  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

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It’s been two days since I got the shoes. It happened that I got them when I was painting the model in the studio on Tuesday afternoon, so it’s up to me

I took some photos in the corridor and wore them all day today. The overall feeling is (I try to be more pertinent)& b( V8 s& @; x) i1 l( @
1. The workmanship is very good and the details are in place. It is really an excellent pair of shoes% ^$ b. g0 a$ U9 l& e” a& H
2. When wearing, the foot feels general. What I call here is generally for people who pursue strong wrapping compared with sports shoes

Forget it, but it’s a pair of good shoes for walking the street. It’s comfortable and light. The most important thing is to pull the wind… Personal feeling

It’s still very good to match the shape of the pants or shorts, but the season is wrong, so I had to give it up.
3. The overall shape of the shoes is relatively loose. For people with long and thin feet like me, they will be a little big. I wear size 45 shoes. For this pair of shoes

Visvim FBT personally feels that a smaller size would be more appropriate. Of course, I haven’t actually tried a 44 size one, so it’s just speculation here.
4. Different people have different opinions about how to be good. My feeling is, don’t take visvim FBT

Compared with tooling shoes, the truth is not a thing without any significance of comparison. You say you have to compare basketball shoes with jogging shoes

What’s going on? What I mean here is that general tooling shoes (including good kicking, red wing, etc.) are more like a pair of shoes

A pair of strong basketball shoes, and visvim FBT is more like a pair of elegant jogging shoes. In other words, a pair of more fashionable and more wind-driven shoes,

The other pair is more practical
5. Due to the problem of material, it is inevitable that the socks will be dirty. It may be the only disadvantage of this pair of visvim FBT. By the way, the shoe mouth design

It’s smaller. People with thin ankles like me have a little wear on their ankles, so it’s better to tie their shoelaces loosely when wearing them
6. Overall, as long as your financial situation allows, it is worth having. In addition, it depends on your personal preference… Shoes are not expensive

Cheap, only you like it or not.
PS: this box is too bad for shoes at this price… I won’t take photos. It’s really bad

Think about it.
[homework] agreed visvim FBT evaluation1 
The overall feeling is exquisite, the workmanship is full, the toe cap is wide and comfortable1 m( ^” k” R/ X’ j
# G& ]+ @ 3 l# |, {
[homework] agreed visvim FBT evaluation2 
The depiction of details can be said to be the biggest selling point of this pair of shoes. It is delicate and exquisite. You can see that you are doing it with your heart

[homework] agreed visvim FBT evaluation3 7 b/ M# M& z. m9 n, {6 ^9 S    Z# m9 s
The sole is such a classic pattern. There is nothing to say. It can be seen from the reinforced design of the easily worn points of the sole( s+ g% x+ p2 x: S

[homework] agreed visvim FBT evaluation4 

Detail: the only disadvantage of leather insole design may be color fading… This may not be avoided, leather shoes

The pad is slippery when wearing (why is it a little embarrassing here) and the design of the shoe mouth is small, which has the phenomenon of grinding the ankle

The lining is all floating clouds. You can’t ask such a pair of shoes to have the wrapping of basketball shoes. That’s unscientific

[homework] agreed visvim FBT evaluation5 $ l5 w6 @7 ^: g    Q
7 ]2 d% {5 @& l” S% k* ]2 e9 m
Heel details: I really like the tassel design. You can feel the rough material and graceful expression

[homework] agreed visvim FBT evaluation6 * e5 m! y! {! t2 O2 p   _
  ^   z, @) u8 T+ ^( V
Detail drawing

[homework] agreed visvim FBT evaluation7 5 t1 _$ g7 o6 O; o

In addition to the leather tassel design, this part of the toe cap design is my favorite, simple but not simple and exquisite+ ?! q” j4 e1 l1 t$ O
[homework] agreed visvim FBT evaluation8 5 F# q” G/ V6 C, R0 Q- R3 t
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Welfare chart: the smoke 78 found recently… Is almost gone

[homework] agreed visvim FBT evaluation9 % A7