Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu

       I tried my best to buy a pair at the end of the regular season in 1996AIR Jordan Xi seems to be able to chase the flying track of his idol; I did not hesitate to take Reebok answer IV home after the 2001 finals, which seemed to bring back Iverson’s spirit of never giving up… But this time I tried my best to bring a pair of ordinary feetBasketball shoesWhen I got into my hands, I couldn’t tell why I wanted it for a while.
Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu1

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       It’s appreciationshoesThe shape of personality, or miss the glory of Tianzu, or… In order to forget the memory??
       Just like the French football team, they won the championship unexpectedly in the summer of France in 1998, and it was shocking that they were out of the group match of the trip to South Korea and Japan in 2002. People can only say in good faith: “this is an angel’s prank.” it’s even more incredible that the popularity of the Tianzu series that night disappeared suddenly. Are they really an angel’s prank, After leaving a few surprising footprints on the ground, he flapped his wings and flew away?

       Is cushioning required? Or speed?
       For a long time, these two aspects are like two rays emitted from the same vertex. The farther away from the origin, the farther the distance between the two.
       For better cushioning, the sole will be thicker and thicker, and it is inevitable to sacrifice speed. This seems to be a matter of “you can’t have both fish and bear’s paw”.
       There will always be the first person who dares to eat crabs. In ’95,NIKEZoom launched    Air, in ten years, zoom air did not “blow away with the rain and wind”. From the point of view that the air jordan series has always insisted on using zoom air, it is enough to prove its status.
But who can believe thisclassicThe work, the king of ten years, was almost dismounted by a fledgling generation in the second year of its launch?
       In 1996, Adidas shouted such a slogan: “feet you wear!” – the Tianzu series was born.
       From any point of view, Tianzu doesn’t seem to be a king:
       It is designed after integrating the existing technologies of Adidas. Without the application of new technologies, people can’t help wondering whether it will have an eye-catching performance;
       Its appearance style is too alternative, which runs counter to the streamline design that gradually dominated at that time. It seems that people can point out its aerodynamic problems at the first glance, and the heavy shape deepens people’s doubts;
       Compared with zoom air, the stars who speak for Tianzu are dwarfed. Neither his Highness the flying man at the height of the sun nor the hot “penny” Hardaway are two “rookie” players Anthony Walker andKobe• Bryant can be compared.
       Everything seems to be disadvantageous to Tianzu, and we have even begun to regret it: if we didn’t meet too powerful opponent zoom air, Tianzu might have a bright future. However, the situation can no longer be considered by Adidas. If it can not regain the market as soon as possible, Nike relies on zoom    A number of products such as air attack in all directions and dominate the world seems to be just around the corner
       Fortunately, this is not a story of “Yu He Shengliang”, but more like a replica of “bird” bird vs “magician” Johnson.
       Adidas’s counterattack against Nike with natural feet reminds us of the same German’s 2-1 win over the Netherlands in the World Cup – unexpected but convincing.
Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu2

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97-98 season,JordanLast season.
In the first game of the season, the Bulls lost to the Celtics. There was an uproar. His Majesty the flying man didn’t have a good beginning.
Pippen is out, but people seem to think he’s still on the pitch. Anthony Walker – the Celtics’ No. 8, balanced statistics and all-round performance on the field are like “Batman”. Second, people are full of confidence that he will have a bright future.
At the same time, people also noticed his shoes – Tianzu.
In fact, this is not the first time that Tianzu has become the focus of the spotlight.
The 1997 all star game coincided withNBAAnd the 50th anniversary of. At this grand gathering of superstars and shining stars, people often discuss a figure
Kobe Bryant, a thin and slightly childish high school student rookie. Rookies scored 31 points in the All-Star game, setting a scoring record; In the dunk contest, he won the championship with a beautiful cross dunk. People have made him another “Jordan successor”. But different from Jordan, there is no shining checkmark under his feet, but a pair of strange Adidas – Tianzu. Maybe without these shoes, Kobe will still be the champion, but at that moment, no one will ignore the equipment under his feet, just like people pay attention to the booster under the rocket that is about to take off.
Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu3

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Tianzu jumped into our eyes with this amazing button. Kobe Bryant’s birth pushed it to the center of the stage with the fastest speed, and Walker’s stable performance has become the best footnote for the rapid development of Tianzu; We are used to doubt and distrust new things, but we often ignore this: newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. The impact of new things is always surprising.
Human foot has the functions of supporting, stabilizing, stretching, twisting, bouncing, cushioning and friction, and its structure is very exquisite and complex. During exercise, the need of foot for cushioning, friction and stability also increases greatly with the increase of exercise intensity. Therefore, how to meet the needs of foot movement is the key to designsneakersThe first task to be completed.
Adidas carefully studied the movement of human feet and found that human feet are the best pair of shoes. The natural structure of the foot provides cushioning, stability and agility when moving. Therefore, adidas has designed and developed Tianzu series sports shoes by integrating various technologies of Adidas with such a concept. “Feet you wear” – absolute bionic design of human body, unique and novel concept, “let you put on another pair of feet” – is this declaration cool enough?
The appearance of Tianzu is absolutely not lack of new ideas. The appearance of personality even makes people forget to pay attention to its performance. However, this does not mean that Tianzu is just a vase, and its performance on the court is unambiguous. Although it is still a partner of old guys such as adprene and torsion, the “new bottled old wine” is extremely successful. This depends on several revolutionary designs:
The outline of the whole sole imitates the foot structure, and a five part stress block structure is designed, which is suitable for all sports; Good grip allows you to do whatever you want; The sleek and streamlined last design is different from the edges and corners of the general last, making the shoes more fit; The upper of the foot is designed to be integrated with the midsole, which not only increases the comfort of wearing, but also protects the foot completely and increases the stability during movement
The most innovative part of the foot is its midsole design: three prominent blocks in the middle of the sole make the sole structure form a triangle, making the athletes’ movements more stable. While helping the foot to twist naturally, it can prevent the athlete from spraining the foot due to rapid lateral movement. In addition, the use of torsion in the midsole gives maximum support to the arch. The improved thin midsole makes the foot closer to and feel the ground. Even though the thickness of the midsole is thinner than that of ordinary sports shoes, the overall shock absorption effect of the shoe is not impaired because Adidas embeds the high-tech shock-absorbing material adiprene under the front sole and rear heel of the foot that most need shock absorption protection.
    Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu4

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    Data can not explain everything, market performance is the best description of the product. How the fate of Tianzu may be? Even Adidas himself doesn’t know. After all, as a member of Adidas’s top product – equipment series, TianzuPriceNaturally, the consumer market is also relatively narrow. Moreover, because of the poor living environment, Adidas, which had gradually declined at that time, did not dare to have too much optimism: convert signed “big bug” Rodman, and react was reborn; Reebok joined hands with Iverson, the “answer” of the 1996 No. 1 draft, the 96-97 rookie MVP and the best rookie, and abandoned honeycomb to launch a lighter DMX; Nike’s zoom air has become the “dream lover” of millions of people because of his amazing record of 72 wins and 10 losses and the glory of regaining the championship; Even the previously unknown FILA began to show up temporarily with the support of the “three double kings” – Grant Hill, who also has a gentle temperament
This seems to be a road of no return.
“Are you wearing Tianzu?”
Just a few months ago, people were talking about: “do you wear zoom?”
Subversion seems to come too fast and too fierce.
It’s just as surprising that Kobe Bryant, a sophomore, dared to challenge his majesty flying man in the 97-98 all star game.
However, the coach of the All-Star game can replace Kobe Bryant, so that Jordan’s All-Star curtain call will not be disturbed; However, in the sports shoe market, Nike and other businesses can only watch Tianzu gallop freely, but there is no way, because no one can control the purchase psychology of millions of consumers.
Grasping the psychology of consumers is tantamount to controlling the market. This makes sense in any field of business. It’s like “those who win the hearts of the people win the world”.
Tianzu was undoubtedly the most popular one at that time. Its hot sale is taken for granted.
The largest consumer group of sports products is young people. The unique shape of Tianzu makes the pursuit of avant-gardefashionThey are eager to be different.
Comfortable wearing feeling and unambiguous performance are undoubtedly the catalyst for their decision to buy.
The slightly heavy weakness of early Tianzu was also solved with the extensive use of lightweight materials by Adidas; nowear-resisting? Midsole breaks easily? With the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people don’t buy goods with high quality, low price, economy and durability as the standard for a long timeBasketballShoes are not a luxury.
“I’ve live it!” just like it.
Although the Celtics led by Walker have not yet reproduced the “green shirt Dynasty” of Bill Russell, they are even far from the third championship of bird bird in the 1980s; Although Kobe Bryant is only the “sixth person” in the Lakers, the Lakers have not released their unique golden symbol of championship; Although the whole world is still under the control of his Majesty the flying man, shrouded in the red of the bull and directed by Nike… It seems that Pandora’s box is not empty. It seems that the world is still in a “unified” situation and is slowly changing.
Because there is hope.
It is hoped that walker can help the Celtics reproduce the glory of that year; People want to see O’Neill and Kobe copy the wonderful combination of “Sky Hook” Jabbar and “magician” Johnson; People hope that Tianzu can lead Adidas and Nike to fight, and even smash the myth of “seeking defeat alone” of Nike since 1984
Can Tianzu bear this heavy responsibility?
It seems that the answer has slowly emerged. When we look back, that period can be said to be the “golden age” of sports shoes. Countless pairs of shoes make us sigh and wring our wrists to brush with them. There are many reasons for not having a chance. It can be said that the prosperity of Tianzu is a very important one, because our eyes are easy to be attracted to the brightest place.
Although the time of match burning is very short, we can’t ignore its most brilliant moment.
In the 1990s, the glorious moment of Adidas was the flying moment of Tianzu. We can call this shining moment:
“Tianzu era!”
Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu5

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Now it seems that the shoes of Tianzu are all high-quality products. Just seeing the iconic appearance has made people’s eyes hot and heartbeat. But “there is no first in literature and no second in martial arts”, there are always fine products in fine products.
We will naturally think of kb8 series.

Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu6

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Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu7

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Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu8

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Excellent appearance, comfortable wearing, insufficient durability, and even huge defects in design
Kb8 series with dazzling appearance and convincing performance has a fragile heart at the same time.
They gave people the impression that they were their master, the hottest star in the NBA – Kobe Bryant.
You can enjoy his overbearing dunk, realistic fake action, light air Dodge, and even an arrow through the heart before the end
In a trance, Jordan reappeared in the Jianghu, and the flying man came back again.
But when the cruel playoffs began, Bryant threw a large “air ball” at the end of overtime between the Lakers and the jazz!
The mistakes of stars are always noticeable. The more attention, the more attention.
The defects of the Tianzu have been artificially amplified in the kb8 because of their identity, their price, and because people pay too much attention to Kobe.
The first generation of kb8 – EQT kb8 was full of controversy when it was born.
As a mid-term product of Tianzu and Kobe’s first pair of signature shoes, people place more expectations on EQT kb8.
The appearance of EQT kb8 can even be said to be the most mature and successful of all Tianzu sneakers, almost perfect.
However, a greater confusion follows: how can the double-layer EVA sole meet our needs? Not using adiprene is a huge mistake and irreparable mistake. In the end, EVA will turn into a thin layer and gradually disappear, just like our favor for EQT kb8, Cong more to less, from scratch.
People have gradually got rid of their initial enthusiasm for Tianzu. They need more beautiful design, better performance and more stable performance
They want perfection. Want Kobe to be perfect so that they can feel perfect; They want to be perfect so that they can be perfect.
People are gradually dissatisfied with the natural foot. Even though EQT kb8 II and EQT kb8 III have made great improvements in performance, they still can not meet the standards required by people.
“Love is deep, responsibility is cut.” it may be that you love your feet too much, so you can’t tolerate any shortcomings.
People are looking forward to seeing the perfect “fee you wear” appear in front of them.
Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu9

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Bloom, a pair of Tianzu baskets that look so common that they can’t be more commongym shoes。 Although it may be the most perfect pair of feet, it seems that it can’t bear the heavy word “memory”.
However, this is indeed a pair of feet that should be remembered, because this is the last pair of feet – the final song of feet.
The curtain call ended silently, or – no curtain call, just a silent farewell.
Walker put on ordinary Adidas sneakers, while Kobe put on the Kobe, a pair of shoes inspired by Audi. The streamlined overall design is different from the style of Tianzu.

Fate turned a circle here, and the wheel of time drove them in different directions.
Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu10

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Walker was quickly obscured by the rookie Paul Pierce of the same team. The latter’s all-round skills are better than walker, and his excellent psychological quality is far better than walker with defects in this aspect.
Walker, who has lost his natural feet, seems to have lost his unique momentum and look.
Kobe Bryant has maintained a rising momentum and has become the leader of the new generation of NBA. The Kobe is also on sale with Kobe’s rise.
Just as the stars have changed from idol to strength, the “transformation” of Kobe series is also quite successful.
It seems that giving up Tianzu is just an upgrade adjustment to Kobe’s rapid rise in popularity. After all, Tianzu is not a product tailored for Kobe. The handsome design of Kobe seems to be more suitable for the “little flying man” with gentle manners and handsome appearance.
The fact is always more complicated than expected. So the ancients advised us to “think twice before you act”.
Tianzu is like evaporating from the world, disappearing without a trace.
At the beginning, people also talked about the departure of Tianzu without saying goodbye with the ridicule of “a little farewell is better than a new marriage”. They hoped that after a period of dormancy, Tianzu would break out of its cocoon and become a butterfly. But slowly, something seems wrong.
With Vince Carter’s heavy button of the Raptor crossing the river at the Sydney Olympic Games, Nike’s show shook the whole world, and show has become a “magic weapon” in the eyes of millions of people;
The answer series of Reebok gives the meaning of “courage” because of Iverson’s heroic performance in the 2001 finals; New richAND1Also by Taichi’s east wind, he became an upper class and began to be on an equal footing with Nike, Adidas and Reebok
The situation is not as chaotic as it was a few years ago, but the situation seems more serious. External worries are not eliminated, and internal troubles arise again.
Although the sales volume of McGrady’s “T-Mac” series is acceptable, it can not compete with other brands in the high-end; The newly developed A3 is difficult to compete with shox because of its suspicious pedigree; The biggest problem is: the Kobe two is too bold and avant-garde in design, resulting in poor sales, and triggered the contradiction between Kobe and Adidas, which is becoming more and more intense
Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu11

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Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu12

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Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu Angel’s spoon – miss Tianzu13

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At the same time, the wind of remembering Tianzu is gradually fierce. After seeing one more streamlined design after another, when and1 gradually lost its original rough style, and when Adidas’s new products are more and more unsatisfactory to us, we not only begin to miss the foot shaped villain that once brought us great surprise – Tianzu.
At this time, we found that things were not as simple as we thought. Tianzu’s “fading out of the Jianghu” seems to have another reason.
Nike wave after waveRetroAdidas will not turn a blind eye to the fact that the tide has swept away a lot of money. Then, the reason for sitting still may not be that you don’t want to move, but that you want to move but can’t move.
The truth can’t be covered up. We finally learned the fact that Tianzu is not the technology of Adidas, but the technology of another company, just the cooperation between the two. After the expiration of the cooperation contract, for some reason, the two sides did not continue to cooperate. Tianzu said goodbye to us forever.
A funny fact: adidas is a very popular product, and it may be the most successful product. It doesn’t apply Adidas technology!
This may also be the reason why Adidas did not disclose the truth? At least I feel: This is not a glorious thing.
However, such a fact makes it possible that we may never have a chance to see Tianzu again.
It feels like a passing first love. I didn’t pay attention at that time, but I felt sorry after aftertaste.
Kobe Bryant terminated his contract with Adidas and switched to Nike;
Adidas signed Duncan and Garnett and formed the “troika” of Adidas with McGrady;
The “T-Mac” series has produced 3.5 generations, and the price has changed from the original 790890 to the current 960;
A3 is full-lengthSUPERSTAR Ultra, with Duncan and Garnett’s “two towers” to protect the Dharma, A3 gradually has some appearance, and can raise its head and challenge shox;
Adidas has become the climate again. It seems that the existence of Tianzu can only exist in the memory of some people.
A friend from Taiwan helped me find a pair of feet. When he sent it to me, a note was added to the package:
“Cherish them. One pair is missing.”
It’s a little funny. After all, it’s just a pair of shoes.
But when you think about it, it seems reasonable.
Isn’t that why we cherish non renewable resources? This is true for everything big and small.
So, put it on carefully and experience the unique feeling of Tianzu, as if the ferris wheel of time and space turned back and went back to the past

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