NIKEPE version with Jordangym shoesThere are two versions: player game PE and commercial PE. There are some differences in details, materials and shoe shape. Only the former is true PE, and the latter can only be regarded as “fan PE”.
Take Jordan Elements Ray Allen PE as an example (the first picture below shows PE for players’ competition and the second is PE for sale):‘ S6 k3 g* b1 u5 y. G

You can see that in the material of the upper, the competition version PE is mesh + patent leather, while the commercial version is suede. In addition, the former has only the players’ ownsizeIt is only for players to wear on the field, and the latter is available in various sizes for consumers to choose from. In terms of shoe shape, some player PE is tailor-made for players, while the shoe shape of commercial PE is no different from the ordinary goods in the store. It is also worth mentioning that the placement position of the player logo is sometimes different (see the third and fourth pictures for details).9 ?/ F( @. C# o% R+ ^
1 `5 ^+ T; D; _# `+ U# `’ M

1. Player game PE+ f” s8 c% b2 ^: {‘ @4 Q& S
Classification of Jordan (Nike) PE Classification of Jordan (Nike) PE1: c/ s: I- q4 x
2. Commercial PE (HOH); R6 S’ ]$ _- C8 r
4 k: Y” ?6 ^    L# F; x: b” G* V’ q
Classification of Jordan (Nike) PE Classification of Jordan (Nike) PE2
1 The player logo position of Jordan icons g Wallace PE in Hoh Version (the field version is at the back of the side of the shoe)
Classification of Jordan (Nike) PE3 
Classification of Jordan (Nike) PE4