Recently, I saw many friends ask questions about some sportsshoesThe meaning and working principle of scientific and technological terms. I’ll sort out some explanations and pictures of common scientific and technological terms here. It may not be very complete, but it should be understood by some friends!7 \0 s” D) a1 h! E
1、   Zoom Air
This is one of our most commonNikeThe high-performance air cushion is a flat air cushion, and then there are many nylon fibers in the middle. There is a fabric plane at the upper and lower ends of the fiber, which may be fixed on the upper and lower inner walls of the air cushion by hot pressing. Because the gas has the property of equal direction expansion, it will form a spherical trend, so it will straighten the nylon fiber into a tight state, so as to form a balance, It can be maintained at such a thin thickness (8mm), otherwise it will strand up. Zoom air is very soft and provides good elasticity. It is commonly used in some industriesRunning shoesandBasketball shoesCome on.
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2、 Torsion System
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Torque system is a kind of low and medium stability technology. It is also the trump technology in the history of Adidas. Most of it is made of TPU thermoplastic materials and embedded in the midsole of sports shoes. It can improve the flexibility of front and rear soles, keep feet within a reasonable range of motion, increase the torsion resistance of feet and improve stability, Make sure your feet are stable and balanced during movement. For example,BasketballThe ankle sprain that athletes are most afraid of often occurs when jumping to the ground, the front foot or rear heel falls on the feet of other players, and the contact plane of the front and rear feet is different, resulting in ankle sprain. Torsion’s elasticity can better support the arch at each step of landing, so as to reduce the burden on the arch.
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This technology may not be common to many friends, but many Nike running shoes use this technology this summer. Slat is a midsole structure that Nike has withdrawn from. It is applied to many Nike sports training shoes. Its main function is to absorb shock, breathe air, stabilize and maintain the stability of shoes, and have certain torsion resistance at the same time!
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Shox elastic cushioning system is the latest sneaker Technology launched by Nike to the world. The TPU (thermoelectric plastic polyurethane rubber) heel connected to the shox cylinder provides support for the heel while dispersing the impact force of the shox cylinder. Shox uses high-density PU foam column to replace the real spring. It can absorb the energy of impact force and convert it into kinetic energy. Shox shoes have good anti-skid performance. This is because the solid shox air column is placed at the extreme edge of the outsole. According to the lever principle, the moment of side impact force = the moment of force at the air column connection, but the force arm at the connection is long, so the force is small, so the side slip is not muddy. Mainly used in running shoe basketgym shoes2 @. [2 L; A- I+ Q

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5、 PTPP   z1 `. l+ S& v( _0 {
I think this technology is also rare. Ptpp is Adidas outsole anti piercing technology, which can effectively prevent athletes from being injured in outdoor sports. A special impact resistant sole is embedded in the midsole and outsole, which can protect athletes from various dangers, multiply the grip and stability, and maintain the rigidity and flexibility of the midsole and outsole.
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6、 Max Air
MAX AIRThe air cushion will belong toNIKEAir cushion series, which applies gas to the limit, is the best protection system in the face of impact. Because people’s feet repeatedly impact the ground during sports, it will cause great damage to the body and sports performance. Max air cushion can share the strong impact force loaded by athletes and give athletes comprehensive protection. Nike launched max air 360 in 2006. AIR MAX 360 gives the runners a more comfortable sense of dress and better performance. The midsole foam free air cushion technology gives you a new sense of walking — softer, more stable and more comfortable. The AIR MAX 360 air cushion technology is integrated into the revolutionary air cushion system. In order to share the most comfortable wearing experience, there are so many air cushion techniques on a pair of sports shoes.
Interpretation of technical terms of sports shoes6

7、    Lunarlite
Recently, many friends have asked about this technology, and I have answered it before. It is a shock-absorbing foam, which is 30% lighter than our common Phylon midsole, has excellent elasticity, and can effectively reduce energy loss.
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Interpretation of technical terms of sports shoes7
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eight    ForMotion
The foremotion system divides the foot into left and right parts, and uses conventional damping technology on the outside, which is mainly effective when jumping vertically. On the inner side, several FORMOTION technology units are used to replace the traditional damping technology. Its internal structure is far more responsible than it looks. The two “columns” hidden on the inner side of the midsole control the horizontal free rotation of the whole system, and there is also a certain development space in the longitudinal direction. Therefore, in fierce confrontation, the midsole and outsole of sports shoes will remain unified.
Interpretation of technical terms of sports shoes8
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9、Flywire9 p, i& j’ C’ J$ {- Y5 C
I think many people understand this technology, because it is now widely used in the latest basketball shoes and running shoes. Flywire is a revolutionary upper technology developed by Nike in 2008. The upper is less than 1mm thick and only supported by thin wires. It is an ultra lightweight and durable upper support technology. The method of sewing directly through the upper (instead of using large jump needle) makes the side decoration of the shoe no longer effective. Long stitches mean that the upper structure is completely composed of thin threads. Flywire significantly reduces the weight of your sneakers. The precise distribution of Flywire ligaments means that the upper is like the second layer of skin. The function of the fabric is only to prevent the entry of stones and soil, and all support is provided by thin lines. The new sports shoes can solve the problem that has not been solved for a long time: foot slip.
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Interpretation of technical terms of sports shoes9

As the best ventilation system in the field of sneakers.AdidasOur ClimaCool delivers exceptional breathability. In this system, not only the new ventilation design is carried out at the upper, toe and heel, but also the vent specially used for ventilation is designed at the sole, so that the whole pair of sneakers can achieve 360 degree ventilation. The birth of ClimaCool system also accelerated Adidas’s exploration and development of upper support system and the whole sole support system.+ T/ U   @) Q, v

Interpretation of technical terms of sports shoes10
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10 Air Sole
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Air sole is the most basic air cushion of Nike and is widely used in the production of sports shoes. Air sole is the original form of nike air cushion, which is made by injecting nike air gas into a tough synthetic rubber layer under high pressure. The Air sole is balanced in terms of cushioning, stability and reaction speed. It is a “golden mean” air cushion. It is widely used in a variety of sports shoes.8 A% n: I5 B’ v* Q
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Interpretation of technical terms of sports shoes11
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Some materials are extracted from size magazine and Baidu Encyclopedia. Just a little explanation, so that some novices can basically understand. If you still have any knowledge of technology, you can reply in this post to let more friends know some knowledge of shoe technology!thank you

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