[evaluation] Reebok themalvibe 1.5 evaluation


  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0
7 x8 B) q: Q) I3 N v   I don’t wear shoes for the second time, just send evaluation posts for the second time. However, I’m still persistent about the feeling of shoes. This time, the protagonist is Reebok themalvibe 1.5.[evaluation] Reebok themalvibe 1.5 evaluation1

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1 F8 Y+ X, H. N3 z. f& ~: nFirst introduce myself, Guangdong amateur player and basketball lover. 26 years old.
Height 177cm
# s0 n! d, A) |. \5 q* BWeight 66kg
4 e( J( R7 _7 @Position is omnipotent but not precise 
Shoe size US 9
A pair of middle and low-end basketball shoes with a counter price of only 680 will not be valued by anyone. Some people even think it is not worth writing evaluation at all, but we should not dislike the origin of shoes. They are good shoes and will be popular everywhere. I remember the first time I saw this kind of big soled sneakers in the counter. I think the design is very ordinary. A pair of shoes that don’t pay attention to appearance. It must be mid-range. At that time, I was at the counter to feel the comfort of wall Season2. But I was very disappointed. The clerk immediately pushed themalvibe generation 1
[evaluation] Reebok themalvibe 1.5 evaluation2

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, I feel very comfortable after I put my feet on. The forefoot is extremely soft. Elastic back. Tie your shoelaces slightly. The feeling of wrapping burst out immediately, strong and mild. It made a great difference to Reebok middle-end shoes. It also impacted my belief in high-end products. Is it true that every penny is worth every penny? How come thousands of Nike Adidas products have not reached this satisfying foot feeling?
Finally, it’s time to wait. 1.5 generation discount. The upper is made of more fabric, soft artificial leather and breathable mesh. Lighter than the previous generation of all leather. More breathable.
[evaluation] Reebok themalvibe 1.5 evaluation3

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The cloth of the upper is connected from the tongue to the toe cap, which is covered with a layer of soft leather. I don’t feel any discomfort in this matching shoe. Starting is also natural. There is no excess resistance from the upper. The new design reduces the design of the upper position. The heel position is also lower. Flexibility is greatly improved. Of course, the design of the new upper will reduce the wrapping of the previous generation. But it doesn’t mean bad. There is no need for any extra inner boots. The filler in the shoes is enough. The designer designs the inner lines of the shoes to adapt and fit the owner’s feet more easily.[evaluation] Reebok themalvibe 1.5 evaluation4

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This reminds me of many high-end brand designers who are constantly working in the shoe barrel. In fact, it is to achieve the same wrapping feeling as this shoe. In fact, as long as the design is reasonable and the materials are appropriate, the simple design also has the same effect.
Midsole technology is like the simplified version of zig, called vibe. This technology is also applied to running shoes, so the midsole of this basketball shoe is actually similar to the running sole. When you wear it and step on the insole, you can clearly feel the relationship between the foot, the sole and the ground. Please note that I’m not saying that this kind of sole is not protective enough. What I want to say is that this kind of sole has high flexibility, and the midsole material has small weight and full elasticity. A piece of shock-absorbing glue is installed in the back of the foot, which is an important role in completing perfect shock absorption.
[evaluation] Reebok themalvibe 1.5 evaluation5

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of course. The amazing softness can’t be achieved by a shock-absorbing glue. Here I have to praise Reebok’s carefulness. It’s a thickened high elastic sole.[evaluation] Reebok themalvibe 1.5 evaluation6

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This is the most direct shock absorbing tool. Such a good insole for middle-end shoes. No other brands have it?
: S( _. ]3 e7 s5 X3 w
[evaluation] Reebok themalvibe 1.5 evaluation7

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, I remember buying shoes at the end of July. It’s December. The forefoot pattern of the shoe is flat by a small part. But it is basically clear. I wear countless shoes. Except for the natural foot of the original year, of course. This pair of shoes is the one that satisfies me most. Maybe she spoiled my feet. Friends who require high foot feel. I hope you will try this pair of middle shoes.
9 O( w1 A) ? 5 z4 a; J$ P$ x, X 
Shock absorption 9 points
Ventilation 9 points
3 o# F, O8 Z6 ]0 NWeight 8.5 points
Flexibility 9 points
7 n( f’ X9 f5 r2 eWrapping 8 points
Abrasion resistance 8 points
The appearance is 6.5. I think it’s a little ordinary.
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