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  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

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General comment: a
Comfort: 4
Cushioning 4.5
Ankle support: 4.5
Air permeability: 4
Toe heel transition: 4.5
Grip: 5
Weight: 17.9 ounces (US13)

essential information
Designer: Justin Taylor
Put on the shelfPrice: 120 dollars
Purpose:Basketball Infield, outfield
List of main technologies: monocoque superstructure, Achilles collar foam package, heel dual hardness injected Phylon (Dhip), forefoot Zoom Air, TPU midfoot support shank, herringbone tractionpattern
Sale date: October 2009
What should be improved: an irritating forefoot

Advantages: excellent support (stability, cushioning), comfort and weight are satisfactory

Disadvantages: if the foot wide JRS is worn, the forefoot insert will put pressure on the foot. It’s grinding your feet

Buying advice: if you are an athlete who is as versatile as melon and likes to stop jump shots and hit the basket, you must not miss M6shoes! The price of M6 is reasonable, the cushioning is excellent and lasting. The M6 also provides a suitable midsole profile and a sponge padded collar, both of which make the M6 perform very well. If you are an athlete with a large forefoot, the forefoot of M6 may be more annoying, so be sure to try it before buying!

Company:JordanBrand One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005-6453 Jumpman23.com
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Everyone knows that melons havetroubleYes. stayMcGradyThe fight in Johnson’s garden, the appearance of a regretful DVD and a violation of driving that he would never want to reproduce. But anyway, Camero corrected his mistakes, which may take the world’s most thorough offensive player a few years to understand, but through those mistakes and mistakes, he grew up, both on and off the court. Coincidentally, hisgym shoesJust like him. Every year there will be bright spots and great places, but also obvious defects and room for progress. This year, the launch of M6 and its owner Carmelo Anthony have decided to do well!

Melon has made itself more and more perfect and assumed more responsibilities in the game. He proved himself with an Olympic gold medal and the Western Conference finals with the Lakers. His fans always believe that his talent is never a problem, just waiting for him to integrate his abilities. This year, fans hope that he will not only perform well on the pitch, but also that melon will not get into trouble off the pitch. For his shoe fans, they hope that Camero’s all-round shoes in recent years can make progress from mistakes like the owner.

In the past, melon signature shoes were developed in 1.5 and v.5, and some were inspired by cars and Jaguars. This year, as Ben * river crab * good for the automotive industry, the M6 shoe body is like a hard shell body. I’m not an enthusiastic car fan, so I don’t know anything about the hard shell body, but on the surface, it’s a very thoughtful design for building a racing car. All the parts are installed on a body chassis integrated car. For M6, the appearance of two brand marks on his side in the shoe body is eye-catching. Their role is to support the inserts on the side. The four holes are wrapped along the eyelet, which ensures that the shape of M6 is not backward, and the simple middle and low vamp provides a smooth “clean toe” shape, which is very popular in the market and easy to matchJeans。 I was pleasantly surprised to find that M6 is the most serious product in the company.
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One thing I’ve been saying since the beginning of the evaluation is that there will be an annoying side. Some inserts meet on the side. For convenience, I’ll describe it like this, just in front of the flying man logo. Personally, those annoying pain has weakened after I cdth in several games. My colleague and teammate Zac often felt some pain in his little finger, so he changed his shoes after a game. His feet are still aching. So, if you have a big forefoot, be sure to try it before you buy it. You can easily feel the structure of M6 and move your feet slightly inside to see how much pressure the upper gives. Once again, for me personally, the pain disappeared after a few games and I didn’t complain. If there is a feeling of “this TMD is too painful” when trying, you just missed an excellent shoe.

Put the nonsense aside. Every element of the M6 shoe body is related to the previous generation and has made progress. The partial wrap provided by the tongue first appeared in 1.5 and has now been improved. It’s easier for your feet to fit into your shoes accurately. The tongue of 1.5 is a little long and can’t be tied tightly. Variable length shoelaces appear in v.5 and M3, as well as M6. This design creates comfort through the middle of the shoe, which makes the M3 popular. “Ghilley” shoelace system also ensures that shoelaces are not easy to loosen. We mentioned the application of “hard shell car” technology on M6. The insert extends outward to the anti valgus design, but in the middle, the insert is short and extends only above your arch. Along the toes, the simple lines are adopted by the company. The smooth transition and flexibility of the shoes are most seen on the M4.

There are no elements on the vamp that can be seen and boasted. For example, Flywire or TPU support board. But inside, the shoes can provide constant comfort, just like last year’s M5. The characteristic of the heel is a foam bag wrapped around the ankle bone, or as the designer says, “MALLEOLUS”. At the same time, the designer has made great efforts to improve the bloated shoe collar last year. This year, the filling thickness of the collar is just enough to lock your ankle firmly. At the same time, it won’t be tighter than you can stand in the game. In extracting the shortcomings of past sneakers and strengthening the offensive strength in design, Taylor and Joe’s team did the right thing for melon’s sneakers.
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Another feature and development team of M6 pay close attention to the establishment of cushioning performance. Over the past five years, each generation of Melo has been characterized by different cushioning. It was all Melo’s choice. 1.5 provides a full-length “cupsol” air cushion, and v.5 provides the separation of front and rear palmsAIRAir cushion. Both are recognized as near abandoned technologies. Double Phylon technology in the foot and zoom air cushion in the forefoot appear on the M3. Air sole air cushion on M4. M5 has zoom air cushion with front and rear palms separated. When I was like Melo seriesNIKEOr when zoom is happy like Jordan Brand, I think m3 midsole provides the most comfortable driving feeling, which is called the fastest cushioning.

On the M6, 6-foot-6 designer Taylor personally tested the shoes on the hardwood floor. He chose the design with Dhip in the heel and zoom in the forefoot. Dhip provides great flexibility that all players need. At the same time, it is stable like a landing pad. Speaking of the forefoot, zoom has proved that it has faster response than air sole and stronger durability than lunar foam. However, zoom has not been popularized in Jordan Brand. From the first actual battle, the cushioning of the forefoot is very pleasant and can be used by all athletes. The M6 midsole is just right, thanks to its balance of cushioning and stability, which is the most technical place.
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Another noteworthy feature is the change of outsole pattern. Melon himself obviously didn’t think too much about the lines, but he made it clear that there should be “m” lines. In our opinion, this pattern is degraded to the position of a cosmetic in contact with the ground. It’s hard for you to make a sharp noise with the sole from m3. The biggest difference is that the traction is improved by a large number of herringbone patterns in the forefoot, which are divided into zones and discontinuous patterns to make it bendable. In decades of basketball manufacturing and design, herringbone pattern is considered to be the only pattern that should be placed on the forefoot, because basketball requires great grip. On M6, the design team did a good thing. When you need herringbone pattern in one part, there is herringbone pattern there. The rest of the outsole is filled with M-lines, which are beautiful for the facade. I hope herringbone pattern can win this war.

Just like the owner of shoes, the design of M6 is very simple and attractive. Shoe sellers don’t shout that this is the best shoe. It won’t have a popular technology like Flywire or apt that can increase the price, but I bet you’ve never heard of “hard shell car” that can meet the needs of design and construction before. Just as Carmelo Anthony played an important role in the victory, M6 reached its peak through so many years of efforts. Now everyone wants melon and his boots to learn from past failures and do the right thing. M6 is the representative of this evolution. M6 has excellent support and purposeful anti eversion design, plus the most eye-catching insert of the shoe. It also has a comfortable collar and midsole. So the price of $120 is a retail price suitable for everyone. $120 is good? Wait for the trading area

Who is wearing

Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets), Ricky Davis (Los Angeles Clippers)
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