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Nike zoom Hyperfuse review1

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2010-9-17 23:40

       Ready To Roll? Ground fast boots ready to go — a new generation of performance boots measured exclusively by sizeZoom Hyperfuse。 Float beautifulgym shoesIt can always “seduce” people to wear it on their feet, and we really didn’t resist the temptation of this guy. A practical evaluation around zoom Hyperfuse begins! It has been launched for more than two years and is widely used in sports shoes in various fields. Nike’s Flywire technology shows comprehensive performance. It makes sports shoes lighter and stronger, but at the same time, the weakness of this technology is also revealed – lack of enough air permeability. Flywire may be really excellent, but it may not meet people’s pursuit of breathability. In view of this, Nike has launched a new Hyperfuse upper technology, which is significantly different from Flywire due to different structures and performance demands. If you have to find a common point, Hyperfuse technology is an upper technology as crazy as fliywire.
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    Before the start of this year’s playoffs, the word hyper was always closely associated with Flywire. But in the playoffs, two top point guards, Rondo and Deron Williams, appeared a pair of hyper shoes different from the past, which is our protagonist zoom Hyperfuse today. It’s beautiful, light and comfortable because it’s completely different from any pair beforeBasketball shoesUpper structure. The dazzling blue and totem patterns on the upper make this pair of Hyperfuse show a psychedelic style like “Avatar” in the sun. Beautiful sneakers can always “seduce” people to wear them on their feet to the greatest extent, and we really didn’t resist the temptation of this guy. A practical evaluation around zoom Hyperfuse begins!
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       When you first meet zoom Hyperfuse, you may be moved by its round and concise outline. Indeed, it is separated from the “sharp edges and corners” of other members of hyper. Zoom Hyperfuse has some shadow of sneakers in the 1990s. When it comes to its appearance, the biggest feature is the very “summer” upper, followed by such a bold and novel upperColor matching
       The main designer of zoom Hyperfuse this time is not the famous Eric Avar, but a relatively junior Chinese designer. Yes, he is Leo Chang. If it weren’t for a special reminder, I’m afraid few people would think that zoom Hyperfuse, as the next generation of Nike’s main market grabbing weapon, would come from an asian designer. After a period of adaptation and exercise, Leo Chang has become a new strength faction of NikeBasketballShoe designer, compared with famous sneakers such as ambassador series, zoom KD series and hyperize designed by Leo Chang, zoom Hyperfuse is a rare satisfactory work of Leo in recent years. Similarly, it has extremely concise upper lines and a huge Swoosh logo. However, compared with the previous hyper series shoes, zoom Hyperfuse has less aggressive sense of technology and more elegance and calmness. The overall contour of the shoe body is quite smooth and many detailed designs are paid attention to. Zoom Hyperfuse has a charm different from other shoes on the market.
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    The biggest feature of zoom Hyperfuse in appearance is the large-area mesh material on the upper. However, unlike traditional basketball shoes, which are made of mesh and leather through stitching or adhesion, the upper of zoom Hyperfuse is completely integrated structure, which is the core technology of this shoe – Hyperfuse. Unlike Flywire’s creative but slightly simple technology features, Hyperfuse is a truly complex technology. In terms of its shape on Hyperfuse, firstly, the designer uses man-made fiber as the first layer of upper to enhance the support performance of the upper through structural shaping; The second step is to wrap a layer of mesh material on the man-made fiber layer, and reserve the breathable area through the hollow design of the latter; The last layer of high-density artificial material provides additional protection for ankles, toe caps, etc. The triple experience of a layer of upper is the core of Hyperfuse technology.

       In addition, zoom Hyperfuse has also “expected” launched many colors. Even the low help version of Hyperfuse low has more than ten colors that are exposed to be on the market, not to mention in this summer’s World Championships and next seasonNBAZoom Hyperfuse, which is very popular on the field. Although so many colors expose Nike’s mind of “encircling money” with zoom Hyperfuse, it is undoubtedly a good thing for consumers to let more people find the color they want most.
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       In the last “actual combat” column, we experienced a very “tragic” Max hyperize. Flywire’s adaptability to the foot is one of its weaknesses. This time, wearing zoom Hyperfuse gives us a feeling of turning things around and tears streaming down our faces – the improvement of wrapping is not a bit. Moreover, zoom Hyperfuse shows a very satisfactory effect in terms of comprehensive foot feeling.
       Zoom Hyperfuse looks like a pair of slim and even slightly emaciated sneakers from the top. In fact, its inner cage is also true. If your foot shape is standard, Hyperfuse can provide the best package for your feet from beginning to end. But if the feet are wide, it’s better to weigh before starting. The glove like Hyperfuse upper has excellent toughness, but it won’t easily compromise to the feet. If you don’t have absolute confidence, you might as well try it on in a specialty store.
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       Although there is no Flywire, the same thin Hyperfuse upper makes zoom Hyperfuse still maintain the consistent lightweight of hyper series. In fact, it’s lighter than hyperdunk, and you can feel it when you put your feet on. At the same time, the perfect wrapping feeling felt by your feet is something hyperdunk can’t provide. Although lightweight, as a pair of medium and high-end shoes with wide positioning, zoom Hyperfuse has also made some efforts in ankle protection. The fillers on both sides of the ankle are comfortable and full, in sharp contrast to the lightness of the upper. The fly in the ointment is that due to the narrow collar of the upper, it may be a little difficult for brothers with strong ankles. The ankle protection of zoom Hyperfuse is perfect, but because the Hyperfuse upper is relatively thin, it feels that zoom Hyperfuse is more suitable for players who can easily swim between the inside and outside. For example, Rajon Rondo, the Celtic “Piccolo” who put on zoom Hyperfuse in advance at the end of this season.
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       In the midsole, zoom Hyperfuse uses Zoom Air in the forefoot and no special technology in the heel. Compared with the revolutionary upper structure, this midsole configuration is somewhat “simple”, but in fact, Hyperfuse feels quite good. The forefoot is not as soft as the previous Zoom Air depression and has good elasticity, while the heel feels extremely soft with the help of insole. The fabric wrapped cushlon midsole also contributes to the overall comfort of zoom Hyperfuse. However, if you want to really test its midsole performance, you still have to wait until the following actual combat confrontation.
       As we mentioned earlier, Hyperfuse’s foot still has obvious traces of guard shoes, and it feels very flexible and soft after putting on the foot. In addition, Hyperfuse also shows another advantage – the $100 salePrice, which makes it more value for money.
       Tighten your shoelaces and move your ankles. Let’s play now! Because this pair of 354G single weight shoes can hardly bring you any burden, it is inevitable that you will have a stronger desire to break through than usual. However, the feeling of zoom Hyperfuse is not as close to the ground as those “extreme” guard shoes. However, due to the existence of zoom air, zoom Hyperfuse with excellent elasticity is still a pair of shoes very suitable for breakthrough, and this elastic foot feeling is an enjoyment even if it is used to “roll the horse road”. In addition, we must mention the fabric wrapped cushlon midsole on Hyperfuse. This applies toRunning shoesThe lightweight midsole is softer and more elastic than traditional Phylon. In addition, due to the wrapping of fabric, Hyperfuse midsole usually does not have particularly obvious wrinkles. At the same time, you need to pay more attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the midsole.
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       The excellent foot feel of zoom Hyperfuse makes every step on the court more agile, and this shoe with a thin upper will not bring you any trouble. The heel is very heel, and the feet will not move distractedly in the shoe when moving laterally. The stability of this shoe is better than it looks. Look at the detail of the special anti valgus design of the front and rear palms of this shoe, which not only highlights Leo Chang’s pragmatic design style, but also greatly enhances the stability of Hyperfuse during direction change, landing and emergency stop. Although zoom Hyperfuse does not use carbon plate in the midsole, due to the additional reinforcement inside the midsole, the torsion resistance of zoom Hyperfuse is actually much better than expected. Look at Rondo’s fearless breakthroughs in the playoffs. Obviously, you should be confident in the performance of zoom Hyperfuse.
         In terms of outsole, a large area of herringbone pattern is the basic equipment of this shoe, and there is no other gimmick design. It is a little gratifying that the outsole of zoom Hyperfuse has deep lines, and its wear resistance must be expected. Multiple outsole grooves give this shoe good flexibility, and the multidirectional grooves in the heel ensure the traction when the heel lands in an emergency stop. In other aspects, it may be that the fillers on both sides of the ankle are very full, and the air holes on the tongue are too sparse. Therefore, the good air permeability of the zoom Hyperfuse upper may be offset by the stuffy heat of the ankle, but whether it is in motion or not, the advantage of multiple hollows on the upper is very obvious. In addition, the design of the two dents directly above the front palm of the shoe can guide the creases of the toe cap and avoid messy wrinkles on the upper after exercise, but these two creases have an obvious sense of pressure on the foot, which is not a big problem, but it takes some time to adapt.
       Although it is not absolutely perfect, the bright shape, comfortable feel and new upper technology still make zoom Hyperfuse one of the most anticipated shoes this summer. However, at the deadline of this article, we learned the pricing of this shoe by domestic dealers – the selling price of this $100 sneaker abroad should reach 1098 yuan in China. On the basis of unchangeable performance indicators, the decline in cost performance is likely to become a regret of zoom Hyperfuse.    
         Believe us, zoom Hyperfuse is definitely an eye-catching performance beauty on the court, especially those zoom Hyperfuse with special color design. It can not only help you score easily, but also attract a lot of attention on the court.