Nike Air Zoom aspiration review


  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

The score ranges from 1 to 10, and 10 is the highest score
1. Ankle support: 7 / 10
In fact, I like to play in low-end shoes. The reason is that I can move my ankle more freely. Of course, the premise is that I have enough muscle endurance! There is only a thin piece on both sides of this pair of shoes. The covering property is ordinary. It should be said that it is supported by tying both sides with shoelaces, but I didn’t tie it to the last hole in the actual battle! It’s good to tie up the coverage of six holes!

Nike Air Zoom aspiration review1

2. Traction: 9 / 10
My brother’s permanent venue is a green venue with outdoor anti-skid paint. Although it is in disrepair for a long time, there is not much dust on the ground. In terms of the grip of this pair of shoes, in addition to the creaking grip, it can also be said to stop. Of course, this is only a test of game time!
Before actual combat

Nike Air Zoom aspiration review2

After actual combat
Comfort: 8 / 10
First of all, the last feels a little tight when you wear it to walk at the beginning. This may be because you have a wide foot board. After wearing the whole game, you will still feel too tight and oppressive on both sides! But after the shoe training, there should be no such phenomenon! The cushioning effect of air cushion has obvious feedback when jumping shot or rebounding to the ground, with moderate soft and hard! The air permeability of the shoe body is good for me. There will be no stuffy feeling during the whole game! As for the arch of the foot, it is generally high, not particularly high
Nike Air Zoom aspiration review3

4. Responsiveness: 9 / 10
The reaction of the air cushion can feel the zoom feedback of the forefoot when walking. For me who likes this kind of air cushion configuration very much, I can feel the driving force with good grip at home in switching direction and the first step! However, if the seven holes of the shoelace are tied tightly, the angle between the ankle and the calf may not be low enough, and the reactivity may be different!

Nike Air Zoom aspiration review4

5. Durability: because it is a black shoe, it is also the first time to buy black basketball shoes for many years. The main purpose is not afraid of black! The sole is similar to the fish bone carving of zoom BB and advertises XDR technology. I believe it should be wear-resistant. After all, there is only one ball game, so it is not objective to judge its sole durability!
Nike Air Zoom aspiration review5

6. Weight: 9 / 10
In weight, this double heel AJ 11 LOW Compared with snake pattern, it has a great advantage,* C! D& y% k( ~; |6 But compared with KB 4, it is a little inferior, but in terms of the height of a pair of 3 / 4 systems, it is middle and upper!  g# C0 \& Y4 fanotherShoe labelThere is a lovely Eucalyptus6 q6 \+ x’ Q1 {1 H: p5 J
Ass Photo

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7. Overall: 8.5/10
It’s not easy to write a shoe review, but it’s very simple to share with others. My personal concept is that it’s not necessarily easy to wear the shoes endorsed by the stars, or it will become worse after wearing them! Simply sharing a pair of shoes can solve the problems of many people’s purchase, which is also a kind of merit XD. This pair of shoes is positioned at the level of civilian price, but it makes me feel cheap and big bowl. The appearance is simple but has rich connotation!