Miracle left by “flying man” – air jordan 12


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Defending champion, ill, scored 38 points in the fifth game of the finals, won the match point away from home, fought alone with Iverson… And the almost forgotten “Japanese flag” storm… The air jordan 12 is by no means short of selling points.
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Tinker Hatfield
Michael has a natural instinct for fashion, which is quite rare among professional athletes. Our communication sometimes involves fashion topics, and Michael often puts forward his own ideas. We will also have extensive discussions on this. In the end, if there is no consensus, Michael will say, “I still can’t fully agree with you, but I trust you. Just follow your ideas.”
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This trust further our relationship. Michael doesn’t trust many people. I’m honored to be one of them. Later, we had less and less arguments about shoes, because Michael had no doubt about my ability in this field.
Before the advent of the air jordan 11 with patent leather upper for the first time, Michael joked: “this pair of shoes can be worn as leather shoes, and it may be more appropriate to match it with suits and evening gowns.” at that time, we didn’t expect this pair of shoes to become an epoch-making product, but its scientific and technological content and innovative thinking have excited everyone.

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The design of the air jordan 12 is also proceeding in an orderly manner. The biggest feature of this pair of shoes is the use of duraback material, which can effectively prevent sprains when landing on the ankle. The upper is made of natural leather to maximize the stability of the whole pair of shoes. The weight of the shoes was very light, which basically realized the feeling of barefoot required by Michael at that time.
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In terms of scientific and technological content, the air jordan 12 is the first pair of Jordan shoes with full-length Zoom Air air cushion. Since then, Jordan series shoes have also changed to zoom air. The advantages of this air cushion are obvious. Although it is very thin, it is very tough. It can quickly absorb power and rebound when it is close to the ground, providing continuous force for players’ continuous bounce. In terms of sole design, we continue to use the previous generation of full-length carbon fiber support plate to effectively reduce the burden on the knee.
Unconsciously, Michael has become the wind vane of fashion. When he liked to wear loose sportswear, almost everyone began to follow suit; When he replaced the traditional stockings with socks, the Court changed like the wind, and the stockings basically disappeared.
However, Michael still keeps his own style. He is very fastidious in his dress. No crease is allowed. Therefore, we will always see such a graceful flying man on the camera at any time.