Adidas equipment 2000 evaluation


  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

As a legend of Adidas in the last century, Tianzu has been remembered by many people

Equipment 2000 doesn’t know how many dusty memories it can evoke.

 Adidas equipment 2000 evaluation1

Appearance: 4.5 points
The biggest feature of Adidas equipment 2000 is not its function, but its appearance, like a hoof

The outsoles of the make Tianzu football shoes have a great advantage – everyone will feel happy when they see Tianzu football shoes

Due to the strange appearance of this series, after all, no sneakers can have such visual tension, and

And so close to the soles of human feet.

 Adidas equipment 2000 evaluation2

Comfort: 4 points
The phrase “feet you wear” reflects the true meaning of the concept of Tianzu. The latest replica of Adidas

Equipment 2000 midsole is equipped with adiprene system, which is not available before. The sneakers are usually worn for walking

It’s still very comfortable. In addition, the lining of sneakers is also very silky, and the wearing and taking off of sneakers is also very smooth. But the front foot of the shoe

People with thinner palms and wider soles may feel pinch slightly when wearing this shoe.

Cushioning: 3.5 points
When it comes to cushioning, maybe this is not the strength of Tianfu football shoes. After all, with the application of the concept of Tianzu, it has been

There are few suitable cushioning technologies, so Adidas chooses adiprene system,

But we found that this is not the latest Adidas adiprene + cushioning technology, so cushioning can only be considered

It’s not satisfactory.

Adidas equipment 2000 evaluation3
Protective: 4.5 points
The design principle of Adidas equipment 2000 is actually very simple – “bionics”.

The human foot is one of the most complex parts of the human body and one of the most bone parts,

If you walk barefoot on a flat ground or exercise on a soft ground with good conditions, then

You will find it almost impossible to sprain your foot, because human feet are natural balance experts, however, when

After we put on shoes, our natural balance will be destroyed, so we will be affected in sports

However, the emergence of the foot solves this problem. It imitates the structure of the sole of the human foot

It is divided into several areas according to the sole of the foot to make the shape of the shoe conform to the shape of the foot as much as possible. The result can be imagined

I know that the safety of sneakers is absolutely trustworthy.

Adidas equipment 2000 evaluation4
Grip: 4 points
The outsole of Adidas equipment 2000, like other Tianzu series shoes, is classified as human foot

The most basic five force points of the part, and Adidas equipment 2000 is equipped with herringbone at each force point

Outsole for perfect traction. Whether you start, change direction or emergency stop, it will not drag the mud belt

Water. But one thing we must know is that the outsole of the Tianzu series adopts the principle of five point force,

Its wear resistance has always been criticized.

 Adidas equipment 2000 evaluation5

Comprehensive evaluation: 4 points
Today, the football shoes have been engraved several times, some good and some bad, such as special promotion for Kobe Bryant

After the equipment kb8 3 was re engraved, it became crazy 3, but many midsole technologies were cancelled. And now

In, Tianzu technology has also changed into another name – “fitfoam”. make only superficial changes

After that, the original equipment 2000 turned into top ten 2000, which can be said to be top ten

2000 is the most exquisite pair of football shoes since Adidas began to carve the sky, and its performance is also the same as that in the first year

The version is the same, but the logo of the original Tianzu series is replaced by the logo of ordinary Adidas.