Miracle left by “flying man” – Air Jordan 1


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The rookie in 1984 can be calledNBAThe strongest in history. So when the bulls, who had the third draft, chose Michael from the University of North Carolina·JordanMany people don’t understand their choice. In their opinion, the bulls have a better choice. But facts have proved that everyone is wrong. This thin young talent is the best.
Miracle left by “flying man” – Air Jordan 11

   Jordan, a newcomer to the Jianghu, has shown his king’s spirit. Rookies shot an average of 28.2 points in the season, which is not only the scoring king of the team, but also the third in the whole league after borad king and Larry Bird. His rebounds, assists and steals are the first in the bulls. With his brave performance, Jordan is the best playernew peopleAt the same time, he was selected as the best rookie team, the second team of the NBA best team and the eastern starter of the NBA all star game. More importantly, under his leadership, the Bulls achieved a record of 38-44 and re entered the playoffs.
   Jordan’s first playoff opponent in his career was the Milwaukee Bucks. Although the Bulls ended with a total score of 1-3, Jordan’s average score of 29.3 points tells people that the NBA has ushered in another superstar.
   “Flying man” is a nickname given to Jordan. Not only because of his amazing jumping and often making incredible movements on the court, but also because of the air jordan 1 on his feet. “Air Jordan”, this is the name of the signature shoe launched by Nike for Jordan. Not only reflectsshoesTechnology can also reflect Jordan’s playing style. The advertisement launched during Thanksgiving in 1984 left a deep impression on many people. The camera first looks down at the general picture of Chicago from the air, followed by the roar of the engine. Jordan runs into the camera in slow motion and catches one in his handBasketball, dribble the ball under the basket, spread out your legs, hold the basketball high with one hand, stretch the other hand straight down in front, and buckle the ball in. At this time, the voice over sounded: who said he wasn’t flying!
   Jordan’s amazing performance on the court and Nike’s excellent advertising made the air jordan 1 a great success. In 1985, the sales of this pair of shoes reached 130 million US dollars! By September of the next year, the air jordan 1 had sold 2.3 million pairs and became asneakersA miracle in history.

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David Falk (Jordan agent)
Nike clips Jordan’s wonderful actions on the court together with an English song called “jump”. I think it can be regarded as an early music MV. Michael seemed a little uncomfortable at the press conference. It is no wonder that he had not been exposed to such business occasions before. Throughout the press conference, I kept staring at Michael’s face. His facial muscles were always stiff. Without a smile, maybe he was thinking of something else.
Soon after, Nike made the first flying man boots for him. However, basketball is a collective sport, which caused a lot of controversy at that time. The general manager of the bulls, rod Thorne (now the general manager of the basketball network), talked to me about this matter, “Michael is a basketball player, isn’t heTennisAthletes, it’s not good to put too much emphasis on individuals. ” His statement was not unreasonable. At that time, people had the impression that only personal events such as tennis and boxing had special equipment, and all players of a basketball team should wear uniform.
Miracle left by “flying man” – Air Jordan 13

The first pair of Jordan shoes came out soon. Naturally, I was the first person to try them on. When I first saw that pair of shoes, I directly said to the Nike staff, “Why are there so many colors on this pair of shoes? It’s ugly! I don’t want to wear it to play!”gym shoesPeter Moore, the designer of, asked me to take the sneakers back first. “If you wear them for a while, maybe you’ll love them. If you’re really dissatisfied, we’ll design another one for you.”
I went back with that pair of shoes. To be honest, I felt like a circus clown. Sure enough, in the training the next day, my teammates gathered around to appreciate my shoes. “Michael, this is the most ugly shoe I’ve ever seen!” 90% of people said to me. However, strange to say, I gradually like this pair of shoes.
When Moore heard other people’s comments, he smiled and said to me, “this has achieved the effect. No matter what they say, it means they have paid attention to this pair of shoes.” for me, the shoes fit and wear well; But for market development, sneakers need to be eye-catching. Of course, Nike has plans in this regard. This thing inspired me deeply. Later, I applied this theory to my motorcycle team.
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