Nike zoom fun Policy Review


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  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

Whether you buy it or not, Nike seems to carry out the idea of hybrid shoes to the end, Nike Zoom FP

Is the best proof.

Nike zoom fun Policy Review1

Appearance: 4.5 points
The FP of Nike Zoom FP is actually the acronym of “fun police”, and this name

The word fun police is also the title of a popular American drama in the United States. In fact, the real gimmick is not only that, I

We can see from the appearance that the Nike Zoom FP is actually a collection of Jason Kidd’s zoom

Flight V, Kevin Garnett’s air Garnett III and Tim Hardaway’s zoom

Flight t bug is a hybrid shoe with three elements in one. The three played in the 1990s

Three policemen interrogated the prisoner’s advertisement, which is actually the source of the shoe’s name.

Nike zoom fun Policy Review2

Comfort: 4 points
Although the Nike Zoom FP does not have an inner boot, the sponge filler inside the shoe is well designed

In addition, the shape of Zoom FP shoe is similar to that of air garnet III, which is thin, so the sneakers

The encapsulation is not bad. You won’t feel any extra space in the boot when wearing the sneakers, but for the sole of the foot

For wider people, they may feel pinched. In addition, the shoes are made of a variety of leather stitches

In the part where the vamp is often bent and stretched, the artificial leather is used effectively, which not only brings better comfort

At the same time, it also brings a strong durable effect.

Nike zoom fun Policy Review3

Cushioning: 4.5 points
The full zoom cage in the Nike Zoom FP heel gives people an unexpected feel

。 Whether it’s fast moving, taking off and landing, or even daily walking, you can obviously feel the heel

The flexibility of visible zoom air is moderate in hardness and softness, but the springy foot is very suitable for flexibility

Players who dominate the court, but this excellent foot feeling only exists in the Nike Zoom Flight Club

In the heel, the forefoot of Nike Zoom Flight Club does not use zoom air or even air

Sole air cushion technology only selects Phylon for filling.
Nike zoom fun Policy Review4

Protective: 4.5 points
Since the zoom cage in the heel is quite soft, the stability of the shoe becomes a problem

Problems to be solved urgently. Fortunately, we are very satisfied with the Nike Zoom FP. Ankle texture

The hard woven fabric can hold the ankle well, the TPU tray in the heel and the extension of the forefoot

The rubber outsole from the upper to the upper ensures the support effect of the shoe. Although the midsole of the shoe doesn’t make

Using fake carbon board materials, only plastic sequins are used, but it is better than nothing, and it is also very expensive

Beautiful, reminiscent of Zoom Flight V

Nike zoom fun Policy Review5

Grip: 4 points
The outsole of the Nike Zoom FP is a bit like “foot in the sky”, but it just means, day

The essence of foot artificial mechanics is not learned by Nike Zoom FP, and the Nike Zoom FP outsole is divided

The basis is mainly beauty. The traction is only unsatisfactory, and then it is as durable as the transparent gum outsole

Sex also needs to be tested.

Nike zoom fun Policy Review6

Comprehensive evaluation: 4.5 points
The Nike Zoom FP is definitely not going to be a classic shoe, it’s from the design

It is defined as the actual combat genre, and the price of 830 RMB is also relatively reasonable. I believe many people like nostalgia

War shoes honey will be moved by this pair of sneakers.