Yao Mai, Guan Gong and Qin Qiong
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Houston get red from 2004 to now, Houston’s “mm group” has always been the focus of Chinese fans, but the shoes endorsed by Yao Ming and McGrady,
However, they have never seen the grand occasion of the Chinese competition four years ago – both of them have their own loud and exclusive signature shoes. Of course, the adidas T-Mac series was at its peak
In its heyday, tiger technology pushed T-Mac 4 to another peak of Adidas basketball shoes after “Tianzu”; Yao’s Reebok highpost is applauded
The curse of “seven foot long people don’t sell shoes” has always plagued Chinese giants.
Four years later, the Houston Rockets built an unprecedentedly strong team, and the players’ feet also formed the most “gorgeous” shoe combination. And in the stars
The star of nature is Yao Mai. But this time, under the situation of eliminating each other’s strengths, Yao Ming may be able to preempt McGrady’s half position and take the lead in “get red”.

Reebok Pump Omni HEXRIDE
In the post Olympic era, take advantage of the “answer”

Yao Mai, Guan Gong and Qin Qiong1

The All-Star game and before the start of the season are a battle for manufacturers, but Yao Ming never seems to be the focus – except last September. At the Beijing Olympic Games,
Yao Ming is not the best one, but he is definitely one of the stars with the highest attention. How can we not make good use of such a favorable time and place?
As early as before the start of the 2007-08 season, his sneakers had started a big publicity by taking advantage of the east wind of the Olympic Games. “Combustion supporting Yao” organized by Reebok at that time
At the launching ceremony of “unlimited power”, Reebok not only displayed the exclusive style Yao Ming had previously worn, but also launched two models for Yao Ming in 2007-08
The new sneakers worn in the season, and the suggestions put forward by Chinese giants were widely applied for the first time: the dragon pattern depicted on the All-Star shoe ATR elite KFS is
Yao Ming’s proposal. And then this theme pattern was grafted on Yao Ming’s Olympic boots, that is, the protagonist pump omni hexride,
Although the shoes are not exclusive to Yao Ming, this continuous design concept also allows Yao Ming to enjoy the due treatment of a superstar.
But these alone are not enough. Many fans complained that Reebok ignored Yao Ming. In fact, the big reason was the highpost signature shoe
Left a shadow. Yao Ming’s physical condition is far different from that of ordinary people. It is difficult to arouse the imitation psychology of fans like Kobe Bryant, James and McGrady——
Wear Yao Ming’s shoes and play like Yao Ming. Therefore, even if the product design is exquisite, many people still have to think twice after reading it. Want
The fans are determined to take out their wallets to pay. Yao needs a “helper” to help.
Therefore, Reebok had to renew the old relationship between the Chinese giant and “answer” Iverson, which is also the most beautiful battle it has played in the basketball market in recent years.
In 2005, ATR pump was the most popular basketball shoe in Reebok. On the one hand, due to its retro appearance design and pump technology re enabled many years later,
Let many old shoe fans who love Reebok’s style in the 1990s regain their old feeling; On the other hand, in the NBA all star game that year, Yao Ming
And Iverson abandoned their signature shoes and wore ATR pump to participate in the competition. Two superstars with “two levels” of height are wearing one shoe
, this abnormal behavior naturally set off no small debate. In addition to questioning the appropriateness of Reebok’s practice, more people can’t help but “seeing is believing, trying”
The idea of “wearing is real”. After dispelling the doubt that “Yao Ming’s style of playing is different from me, his shoes are not suitable for me”, many fans naturally made “support”
Yao Ming’s choice.
Now, Reebok pump omni hexride has repeated its old skills after the Olympic special edition, and launched two versions of Yao Ming and Iverson before the start of the new season.
Is “strength, stability and confidence”? Or “speed, passion, talent”? As a result, the identity of pump omni hexride’s center shoe becomes blurred
Unclear; After breaking this barrier, it is not surprising that the market is bullish.

Adidas TS Creator T-Mac
“Committed” brother company, no longer the boss

Yao Mai, Guan Gong and Qin Qiong2

A year ago, Adidas TS series triggered the hottest topic in the shoe industry. In an integrated way, it is no doubt that all its endorsement stars wear “one” shoes
It’s a dangerous move. After all, T-Mac, kg, g-zero and other signature shoes have been recognized by consumers. It definitely takes a lot of courage to abolish them and start a new life.
Whether successful or not, this innovative behavior is worthy of respect. It is precisely because of the “super signature shoes” of TS that people will abandon the aura of spokesmen,
Begin to pay more attention to the details and characteristics of the product itself, and feel the “Brotherhood” expressed in basketball.
However, for rockets and McGrady fans, an era of McGrady is over. T-Mac series can be regarded as the most successful signature shoe series in the history of Adidas,
But it came to an end after the sixth generation. In 2007, T-Mac version of TS is still the “first shot”, Adidas hopes to make a good start, but from this year’s situation
Look, the decline in the status of T-Mac is an indisputable fact. From the sale situation, the shoes of McGrady, Garnett, Howard and arenas were sold at the same time for the first time,
T-Mac is no longer the only pet; Judging from the sale price, the creator endorsed by McGrady has been lower than two interior commanders. Compared with winning the championship
Garnett and dunk champion Olympic gold medal in hand “Warcraft”, McGrady really can’t get too much proud capital.
The days of McGrady’s dominance are gone, and its decline in attention is inevitable. However, perhaps it is against this background that TS creator is functional
It has made great progress over the previous ts. If you are a veteran shoe fan or a fan of McGrady, the more surprising surprise is FORMOTION, which once shocked for a while
Technology, once again return to McGrady’s shoes. But this time, instead of striking the “five points”, a large-area control system is installed at the heel – which is
This is what FORMOTION looked like when it was first used in running shoes. After dormant for two years, the technology finally returned to nature. As for the three bars extending from the outsole to the upper, it’s brand new
The improved ankle part can be seen that McGrady signature shoes are in a transition period: from simply winning with fame to paying more attention to practicality.
One keeps a high profile and the other keeps a low profile. The shoes of Yao Ming and McGrady were originally Guan Gong and Qin Qiong, but when Reebok pump omni hexride was no longer a giant
Patent, Adidas TS creator T-Mac began to pay more attention to performance. With the intersection of the two, it added a bit of “civil war”.