Air Jordan 15se – change your vest


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sinceAir Jordan 16, eachJordanIt has become a practice that at least one improved version of shoes will be produced. At the beginning, the improved version was successively titled with “+” and “. 5”. Now the two have their own uses, “PE” has become a more common naming method.

As the top of NikeBasketball shoesAir JordanAre there any shortcomings that need to be improved? It is in response to the old saying: when things reach the extreme, they will turn back. fromAir Jordan Since November 11, jordan shoes have become a yardstick to measure the level of Nike design. However, new technology inevitably has some defects, and people may not adapt to it. Don’t you ask for trouble to play with uncomfortable shoes? So fromAir Jordan At the beginning of the 16th century, every generation of Nike will do some minor surgery on the shoes to make them more “close to the essence”: jordan shoes will still be used to play basketball after all!

This change is gradual:Air Jordan 16 + just remove the patent leather material of the toe cap to make it more durable (which is calledAir Jordan The shoe cover of 16 + QM shoes has two sides, and after turning over, it is equivalent to a new shoeColor matching);Air Jordan 17 + basically remove the cover on the upper part of the shoelace to avoid damage during fierce sports;Air Jordan 18.5 is a milestone, which is related toAir Jordan With the obvious difference, it can basically be regarded as an independent shoe. Later, because “melon” Anthony signed Jordan, “the”. 5 “series changed the design concept fromAir Jordan Since the 19th, the enhanced version of Jordan shoes has been named “PE” or “5 / 8”, and the improved method has been inheritedAir Jordan 18, the general design is retained, but it tends to be practical.

From another point of view, this is just a way to circle money. The original version is not easy to wear, so it is used to walk. Then buy a pair of improved version to play. The design cost of one shoe makes money for two shoes, and it is still a top shoe. This abacus is good enough. At this historical moment in 2008, “new bottles of old wine” – the introduction of old modelsAir JordanThe improved version of has become the third way to make money. The first is one of the most criticized shoes of that year——Air Jordan 15。

Air Jordan The surreal appearance is a big reason why it has been criticized so much. Its design is inspired by F15 fighter, but its too “streamlined” shape looks uncomfortable. The tongue of the shoe sticking out so far makes people think of the tongue that Jordan often spits out. Woven materials were used for the first time, which was the predecessor of wowen, which was popular in the future, but few people could accept it at that time. and,Air Jordan The performance of the 15 is also very general. Although the inner boot technology is used, the wrapping of the shoes is quite general, and it is useless to fasten the shoelace no matter how. The outsole is super hard and the toughness is very poor. In addition, the protection of the ankle joint is not enough, which greatly affects the overall performance. In fact, Nike also took remedial measures at that time: the shoes they designed for Eddie JonesJordan Swift 6 can be regarded asAir Jordan 15 improved version, but there is no public explanation.

Ten years later,Air Jordan The 15se officially makes up for the shortcomings of that year: it removes the strange tongue, looks much more pleasing to the eye, and can better reflect the so-called streamline and speed sense of x15. In terms of weight,Air Jordan 15se is much lighter than the original shoes, perhaps because the inner boots have been cancelled, but it is very comfortable to wear, and the wrapping is even better. But, and reprintedAir Jordan Like 12,Air Jordan The workmanship of 15se is still slightly rough. As the first SE version this year, it is a pity.

however,Air Jordan 15se has made a more elaborate design in the details. as everyone knows,Air Jordan 15 there is a row of numbers extending from the heel to the outsole. According to this, they are 23, 6, 15, 2 and 17, of which the moral need not be repeated. andAir Jordan Although 15se retained the design, it did not copy it, but changed the Arabic numerals into Roman numerals. In addition, the leather upper is also printed with dark lines. After some decoration, the “old antique” has changed its old appearance.

It is reported that,Air Jordan 15se’s debut will be this year’s all star. Judging from the all-star list released today, Hamilton and Joe Johnson may appear on the stage in it. Whether it’s a hero or a bear, I’ll see you on the field.

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2008-2-4 Air Jordan 15se – playing in another vest

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2008-2-4 Air Jordan 15se – playing in another vest

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2008-2-4 Air Jordan 15se – playing in another vest

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