Jordan Phly – this is not a monument to a “tyrant”


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sinceJordanAfter exiting the Jianghu, Jordan Brand has gradually changed the face of basketball dominating the world, and the proportion of leisure styles has gradually increased. Fans who like “flying man” also gradually accept to wear a pair of shoes with Jumpman logo without wearing their idols to play, or even they don’t seem to be able to play. I don’t know whether it’s the change of taste or the enhancement of passive adaptability, or it’s like vomit and vomit in the journey to the West… But Jordan Brand’s casual shoes are a little mean, At least it’s better than always watching “hybrids” that always feel nuclear radiationBasketball shoesMuch better. For specific remarks, please refer to the comments on the fish at the beginning of another classic film “God of food”, which is not quoted here.

If it weren’t for a special name, the simple appearance of Jordan PHY is really difficult to attract people’s attention. After learning that “PHY” originated from Clifton Pop Herring, Jordan’s basketball coach at Laney high school, everyone’s interest was raised. Isn’t this the “tyrant” who drove Jordan out of the school team and forced the “flying man” to practice his skills and lay a solid foundation for his future prosperity? Just as Hansen ridiculed Ferguson that “you can’t get anything by relying on a group of children” and was blocked by Sir Alex Ferguson with the Premier League Championship, Henin seems to have become the contrast object of Jordan’s efforts. In fact, coach Henin was obviously demonized. Jordan PHY is not Jordan’s reward for good, but his greatest respect for his mentor.

In Jordan’s autobiography, the middle school coach is his first guide and the initiator of his basketball career. From North Carolina to the bulls to the wizards and even the dream team, Smith, Jackson and Daley are all famous, but when it comes to the intimacy and verbal communication with Jordan, no one can compare with Henin.

“Concentrate”, “pay attention to the standard of action”, “stick to the right way”… Jordan spent every day in such strict requirements. In order to further exercise Jordan’s ability, who has stood out among his peers, and at the same time, hening, who worked as a coach in a university, even persuaded Jordan’s parents to take Jordan directly to the University and train with college players who are several years older than himself and whose height and strength are much stronger than his own. To this end, Henin does not hesitate to come to Jordan’s door at 6:30 every morning and pick up little Jordan to the training ground. Jump shot, one-on-one, ball control… An hour of separate training time is to practice the most basic movements repeatedly. Many years later, Jordan recalled that it was hard to imagine how poor his ball control was at that time. If coach Henin didn’t focus on helping himself train every day, it would become the biggest obstacle to his progress in the future. “Coach Henin and I are in love with my father and son. He not only taught me a lot on the basketball court, but also gave me a lot of good suggestions in daily life. He is also a person who likes challenges. The one-on-one bullfight between us is also a compulsory course for daily training. His shooting is very accurate, and my advantage is speed and explosive power.”

Henin’s greatest help to Jordan is to let basketball people in the United States know that there is such a basketball genius in Wilmington, North Carolina. Unlike those “geniuses” who have lofty ideals since childhood, Jordan never thought he could play when he was a childNBA, because he didn’t watch the NBA at that time – his family’s TV can only receive two channels, NBC and ABC, and they haven’t started broadcasting the NBA. Jordan only watched NCAA games. At that time, Jordan’s greatest ideal was to become Wilmington’s number one star, get a full scholarship to the University, even surpass his brother and dominate the neighborhood park where he often played. “I never wanted to be No. 1 in the world or play in the NBA. I can’t imagine what kind of life it is.”

Coach Henin saw Jordan’s “heart disease”. He was worried that this kind of easy-going mentality would bury his talent. So Henin began to create opportunities for Jordan to show himself. At that time, both college coaches, NBA managers and scouts had poor methods to understand young players. Basketball training camp was almost the only stage, and Wilmington, a small place that was not a famous basketball City, was often ignored. Henin, through his old friend who was in charge of the training camp, pushed Jordan to participate in the five-star training camp held in Philadelphia that year. In order to let the other party accept Jordan, Henin, who has always been cautious in his words and deeds, did not hesitate to boast: “I recommend you a wizard. His name is Michael Jordan. He can get 35 points, 20 rebounds and 8 assists per game.”, Jordan got this precious opportunity.

The later story is a perfect young hero. Jordan won five data champions in the first week of the training camp. The person in charge of the training camp even took the initiative to contact Jordan and was willing to be responsible for all the expenses of his second week. As long as he was willing to stay and continue to participate in the training, the final result was that Jordan’s name was on almost all the data lists. The University of North Carolina remembered this wonderful child and finally took it into account. The family also supported Jordan playing basketball more. They thought he could make some achievements. More importantly, Jordan found that he was no worse than any legendary powerful role. He was absolutely capable of becoming a basketball star.

What would Jordan be like without Henin? It is not too much to commemorate such a benefactor. Therefore, Jordan PHY has received special care from Jordan. From the initial exposure to now, it has been selling new styles, which seems to have the trend of becoming the annual leisure version No.1. The latest version is a special version launched in cooperation with American sports chain finish line. If you like Jordan, don’t forget this ordinary and great coach. He is as respectable as Smith and Jackson.

Jordan Phly – this is not a monument to a “tyrant”1 Jordan Phly – this is not a monument to a “tyrant”2

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August 2, 2008 Jordan Phly – this is not a legend for the “tyrant”

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Jordan Phly – this is not a monument to a “tyrant”1 Jordan Phly – this is not a monument to a “tyrant”3