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 15The year passed by in a hurry, and the wind was still blowing under our feet, bringing us a chill.


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15Years agoadidas, what do you think? yesa3Structural cushioning technology is constantly developing? Or is Kobe Bryant wearing “bread shoes” with an explosive head?

Maybe you should also recall and aftertaste that kurnikova, the goddess of sports, imitated Marilyn Monroe’s classic “skirt covering” action, which was a little sexy from a cool wind at the bottom of her feet.


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ClimaCool, which is commonly known as “Qingfeng”, is15last yearadidasThe most proud landmark technology, the ventilation system from upper to sole, has made a landmark progress in the permeability of a pair of sneakers.

Don’t think that just wearing a few relatively large “air holes” on your shoes will solve the problemClimaCoolIn the application of,adidasAlso consider the integration of support and cushioning, which is not so simple.


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So last year, inadidas ConsortiumIn the project,adidasIntroduced andShoe GalleryCooperation funds andCokeColaColor matchingClimaCool 1After that, “Qingfeng” technology came into our sight again, although it has passed15Years, and inNBA“Stone Buddha” Duncan, the representative of “breeze shoes” in China, has retired for a season, but we still rememberClimaCool“Cold to the end”.


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To commemorateClimaCoolof15In,adidasOriginalsLaunched02/17Version, a familiar name, isn’t it? And the eye-catching at the beginning of this yearadidas EQT 93/17 BoostThere are similarities and differences, so similar naming is also interestingClimaCool 02/17The shape is very beautifulEQTThe feeling, especially the design of the heel, the fender on the side of the shoe and other details,ClimaCool 02/17All graftedEQT 93/17 BoostThe essence of.


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02/17Represents from2002yearClimaCool 1The birth of2017This new pair of shoes was upgraded in. Although the shoes are not usedadidasToday’s most popularBoostCushioning technology, but the upper adopts15last yearClimaCoolThe omni-directional mesh breathable fabric, from the toe to the heel, can see the neatly arranged pores, and the unique design language of Qingfeng technology.

In terms of signs, especially the tongue of shoes, it followsClimaCool 1The classic “oval” and “convex” design of the tongue, as well as the retro technology of sewing and embroidery. The integrated tongue design is the most commonly used collar feature now. If you want to wear it, you can test your foot shape, but the premise is that this design is very beautiful.

In contrast to the integrated tongue, the heel is thick and shaped, which is like a “pillow” of your heel, perfectly fits your feet and supports the mesh upper.


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“Qingfeng” technology is famous because it is a “breathable” technology,ClimaCoolI’m serious. If it’s rainy, don’t “spoil” this pair of shoes, not only because it’s not suitable for wearing new shoes, but also becauseClimaCool 02/17A “ventilation window” is also designed on the sole, which is clearly visible without flickering. This is undoubtedly a suitable shoe for people with sweaty feet.360Breathability in all directions,ClimaCool 02/17It’s done.


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Color matching, white background+Pure color upper, all in one color. This is the most popular color matching design now. It is very simple and easy to match.

15Years later, it seems that everything has returned to its origin – the breeze is blowing again in the shoe circle, innovating and innovating, but pushing through the old and bringing forth the new.