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Regardless of the ups and downs in the Jianghu, he or he, the flames burning in his chest, the unyielding fighting spirit, the attitude dissatisfied with the status quo, and the arrogance of arrogance.
Sunlight sprinkled on the courtyard, moss was woven on the mottled brick wall, and some dust was covered on the ancient courtyard. A beam of light shone in, bringing warmth to the cold winter. A pair of red shoes appear in these backgrounds. It is really naked without boundaries. It is a pure contrast, ancient and modern, old and novel, dark and shining. Life may be no better than this.
The script has opened a new chapter again, hasn’t it?
Will Carmelo Anthony still be king of the New York? I’m not sure. He wants to go to a better team. His transfer rumors are rampant. Does he go to the Lakers? Kobe Retired; Does he go to the express? Good idea, but it’s too far; Did he go to the knights? With James? Maybe it can be.
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But who knows what will happen?
Year after year, there is always no result. Everyone wants to make a breakthrough, doesn’t it?
Old, old and gloomy, we all think Anthony’s Melo series is getting worse year by year. As soon as he entered the NBA in 2003, he became the first brother of Jordan Brand. The next year, he launched signature shoes. He is absolutely the pride of heaven with unlimited scenery. He reached the western finals and became a member of the best team. He won the scoring king and the Olympic champion like Michael Jordan.
One, two, three… Go back to New York and win one, two, three
But the orbit deviated.
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Just like the appearance of Melo series, each pair of the previous 9 generations really has a saying, with unique design and avant-garde technology. However, in the tenth generation, it’s a little perfunctory. It’s like the Melo M10, a replica of the air jordan xx8 se. The previous Melo M9 is at least designed according to the famous watch, but what about M10? At M11, the shape is inspired by the Empire State Building, but the whole is also very ordinary. Then M12, lizard is design element, but not many people care about it.
So when Melo M13 was released, the eye-catching shape made people love and hate. Isn’t this the portrayal of Anthony’s life now?
Jordan officials did not even give the so-called design inspiration. The shape of the upper like a feather brings dense fear and exaggeration. It’s like a gamble. Maybe you can’t afford to fall again, maybe you can go to heaven step by step. Now it seems that after being silent, we recognize the Jordan Melo M13 more.
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This is a design similar to wing feathers. The slogan of Jordan Brand is take flight, so feathers symbolize flying in the sky. But those who know Anthony’s preferences know that his favorite Air Jordan is the air jordan 2 and the air jordan 13, and Melo happens to be the 13th generation. This year is the 20th anniversary of the birth of the air jordan 13. From the perspective of Melo M13, there is also the shadow of aj13. For example, the feather elements on the upper can also be regarded as the leopard print of aj13, which is also a dense representative.
Remember the Melo M13 in the Christmas color? The holographic cat’s eye on the tongue is a tribute to the aj13.
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Let’s talk about the technology of Melo M13.
Only one shoelace hole appears on the collar, and the other five are penetrated by small binding strips connected to the shoe lining. This technology is flight web. You can think of it as Flywire, but it has been renamed in Jordan to fit and lock.
The design of “feather” is made of kurim’s shoe cage technology, which is matched with mesh to provide wrapping and air permeability. Kurim technology also appears on Jordan Ultra. Fly, which is similar to soft plastic.
Melo M13 uses the design of 3 / 4 inner boots. The mesh breathable lining brings a comfortable and breathable feeling. The toe cap and inner forefoot are mesh fabrics. On the whole, the upper seems hard, but soft.
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The midsole has a zoom air unit in the forefoot, and Phylon foam in the back, including the whole midsole. The external expression is the same design language as the upper feather.
The midfoot flight speed continues to play the same supporting role as the carbon plate or TPU. These technologies together form the Melo M13, which has a beautiful appearance, but the price of 1299 is not beautiful, which also gives it a good discount space.
So we came to an old house and put Melo M13 on the stone lion to form a picture. In our eyes, Anthony still has an imperial domineering spirit, and the red flame vaguely emits a transparent flame
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