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This is a pair of condensationKDA series of tonal signature boots, forged from many fragmentary details, are now the tenth generationKD, butKDStillKD, he’s still him.


whether10Generation or20Even generation30Generation, there is always a starting point.


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Durant told reporters that Aldrich is a good man. He won’t do anything to deliberately hurt others. ADU always trusted aduh and the alumnus of the University of Texas. After aduh transferred from Portland to holy city under pressure to pursue his championship dream the year before last, Durant followed suit and ran away from the parent team that initially introduced himself into the league. He ignored the criticism of public opinion. Durant said he had a long talk with Aldrich before he decided to transfer because he wanted to know what the University of Texas senior thought.

The University of Texas, a famous American basketball University, orange ox horn and Durant became the starting point of national focus. Since then, Durant put on nike shoes, became a top spokesman step by step, and soon created his own brandKDSeries, and then he worked with the designerLeo ChangForm an unbreakable partner and give me loveKDThe shoe fans of the series have been pleasantly surprised one after another. They have tried many ways, from design to technology, from color matching to fabric,KDThe series gradually formed its own style and came down in one continuous line.


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stayKD 4In, Durant put forward the idea of “low help”, and since thenKDThe series continues from this point toKD 10For example, although there have been exaggerated on the wayKD 8 EliteThat kind of super high top design, but low top has always beenKDFeatures of the series.


On the two o’clock line,KDThe collection fully integrates the line culture into the signature shoes.


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Durant loves weaving. If he is not a basketball player, he may be a star of the American track and field team when he is in the United States2012Put it on inflyknit racerI fell in love with this pair of shoesflyknitMaterial,KDThe way of playing is like an antelope running on the court. Like those lightweight track and field athletes, it gives people a competitive beauty of sports. His slender arms and long legs matchflyknitMy sneakers are perfect.


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He gave us a new demonstration. It turned out that wearing sneakers could be so beautiful. So his sneakers evolved into a pair of works of art woven by needle and thread, fromKD 8Start practicalflyweaveStart untilKD 10, almost the entire upperflyknitMainly,KD 10Durant’s demands were met to the extreme.


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Also, a new shoelace binding system is inKD 10Appears on, similar to dynamicflywireThe perforation “device” appears at the suture between the upper and the sole. The rough shoelace is wrapped around the upper. It looks like a rough design, but this trend and fashionable thick shoelace is gradually becoming popular.


Everything is good, butKD 10To keep improving.


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Durant’s attack range covers the whole half of the court, not a point. That’s what’s terrible about him, and he can’t defend himself because of his large running area,KDIt is synonymous with “face”. You can say that he is comprehensive, that he is comprehensive, and that he is extraordinary in both attack and defense.

And his signature shoesKDThe series is also the ultimate in “face”,KD 10On the surface, it is a pair of shoes, but behind it is the history of this series, fromKD 8Start enabled connectedZoom AirAir cushion inKD 10Continue to maintain, exposed and visible, a whole pieceZoom AirKeep the scientific and technological content at a high level.


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Keep some excellent details and do better on the original basis, which isKD 10, it’s not because it’s a pair of 10th anniversary shoes designed with a sense of ceremony. No, absolutely not. This is a pair of top combat shoes. It’s as simple as Durant’s own suggestion.


From the University of Texas, to Seattle, Oklahoma, and now the warriors, Durant has another chance to prove himself. He will wear itKD 10How lucky is a pair of shoes with a sense of mission for the second finals of his career.

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