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  • Appearance design:8.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:8.0
  • Stability protection:7.0
  • Sole performance:9.0
  • cost performance:7.0

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Hello, everyone, the new of this issueX-VIEWThis is the pair to be evaluatedHYPERDUNK 2017 FLYKNIT EP。 The first feeling of getting this pair of shoes is the sideSWOOSHIt has become a classic hook, which is relatively rare in actual combat shoes in recent years. In addition, the whole pair of shoes are designed in solid color,FLYKNITThe woven upper has no too many color changes, but it also makes the visual integrity of this pair of shoes very high. Let’s take a look at some appearance details of this pair of shoes.


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The whole shoe body is made of fullFLYKNITWoven upper, especially the toe part adopts a more compact weaving method,It can be seen that the addition of transparent nylon thread greatly increases the weaving strength. In addition, the heel part is also more interesting, adding a window design.

You can see through the window the same transparent nylon thread as the toe cap, which is stronger than the woven materials of other parts.

All over the outsoleXDRThe material arranges concentric lines according to different stress positions. This line extends to the side of the midsole to integrate the outsole and midsole, and the visual effect is very integrated.

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In addition, the biggest selling point of this pair of shoes should beNIKEall-newREACTMidsole cushioning. According to the official media, it integrates many advantages, such as excellent cushioning, fast response, light weight, high durability and so on.


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New in current periodX-VIEWWe have to look at this brand-new pair through actual combatHYPERDUNK 2017 FLYKNITWhat is the performance, brand newREACTWhat kind of different experience will cushioning technology bring.

After several actual battles, the following is rightHYPERDUNK 2017 FK EPMake a simple evaluation of all aspects of actual combat performance.

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1. wrapping:9Points.

First of all, in terms of wrapping, the whole pair of shoesFLYKNITThe vamp and the fly wire lace hole make the wrapping very excellent. In particular, the transparent nylon thread at the toe and the more compact weaving method compared with the shoe body prevent the feet from excessive sliding in the shoe in actual combat.

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The upper of the whole instep is an integrated design without tongue separation, which makes friends with fat feet or high instep feel a little oppressive when trying on for the first time, but the upper will loosen slightly after several actual battles, and this feeling will be more used to.

In addition, the upper part between the lace holes in the third row and the fourth row does not fit the foot well after tying the lace, but has little effect on the wrapping of the whole pair of shoes. I personally like this kind of wrapped and tight wearing feeling. I can play a role in wrapping9Points.

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2, protection and stability:7branch

Although the whole pair of shoes is designed with a high top, the woven upper at the ankle is relatively thin, which can not play much support and protection. However, the lining of the heel is thick and elastic, which can fix the heel well, and there will be no feeling that the heel will be separated from the shoe when turning around in actual combat.

In addition, a long strip is embedded in the midsoleTPUHowever, in actual combat, the anti torsion effect is relatively general and not very ideal. Then there is the window design of the heel at the ankle, which makes the Achilles tendon move more freely, not likeHYPERDUNK2015That happens because the material of the upper is too hard and the foot is stuck.

Woven upper versionHYPERDUNK 2017Although it has a high top appearance, the ankle feels more like a low top shoe. It has medium performance in terms of overall protection and stability, which can give7Points.

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3, outsole:9branch

The lines of the whole outsole are designed into concentric circular lines of different sizes according to different stress positions. The lines are relatively thin, althoughXDRWear resistant material outsole, but if the outfield conditions are rough, I believe it will not be very wear-resistant.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the whole outsole pattern is expanded and turned up, which is integrated with the midsole, which can also provide excellent lateral traction in the case of large change of direction, and achieve a good anti rollover effect. The actual performance of the whole outsole is excellent, which can give9Points.

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4. weight:9branch

42.5codeHYPERDUNK 2017 FK, the weight of a single shoe is368Gram. Benefit from allFLYKNITWoven upper and lighterREACTThe cushioning material midsole makes the whole pair of shoes very light, with excellent wrapping. After the whole pair of shoes are put on the feet, there is no feeling that the feet are dragged down by the shoes. Excellent performance in weight control, can give9Points.

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5, cushioning:8branch

all-newREACTAccording to the official introduction, the midsole material combines the characteristics of excellent cushioning, fast response, lighter material and higher durability. Since it’s goneNIKEIn charge of the air cushion, it has toREACTandLUNARMaterial to compare.

In terms of my personal feeling of wearing, the first foot experience didn’t put me at allREACTIt is linked to the positioning of high-end combat shoes, because the feeling of trying on in situ is not very obvious, there is noLUNARSo obvious softness and subsidence.

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After several actual battles, even if it is hard to take off and rebound to the ground, there has never been a feeling of foot shock. Moreover, after the actual battle, the feeling of cushioning will be slightly better than that of trying on new shoes at the beginning. I personallyREACTIt can be understood as a strengthened similarity in feedback responseLUNARAn upgraded version of the material.

The overall foot feel is better thanLUNARMoreQPlay, but it won’tzoomThe feeling of stepping on shit. In terms of cushioning, the performance is medium and can be played above8Points. Overall, the foot feel is not as amazing as claimed by the official media. As for the durability, it needs to be tested for a longer time, and we will also conduct tracking evaluation later.


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6. cost performance:7branch

HYPERDUNK 2017 FK EPThe selling price is1399Yuan. At present, the price in the secondary market is1000Yuan up and down, reference2016generationFKUpper elite version of the price trend in the short termHYPERDUNK 2017 FKThere won’t be much room for prices to fall.

Although it’s brand newREACTThe cushioning material is not too amazing, but the whole pair of shoesHYPERDUNKThe actual combat performance in the series is medium and superior, and the cost performance can only be improved at present7Points. If the price drops further in a few months, it will be a very good pair of practical shoes.

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