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Debut is the peak? Crazy explosive 2017 tells us that it still has room to rise.

Recently, Adidas brand is promoting their “fire fighting” call order in the new year and the feast of grass-roots basketball players in another year. Who will be the king of the outfield? Which pair of shoes will be the favorite of the players? I believe that crazy explosive 2017 released not long ago will be a good choice.
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It’s a little pity that this pair of shoes worth looking forward to didn’t have a chance to appear in this year’s NBA finals. After the public opinion that warriors dominate the world and knights can dominate the East if they maintain the status quo, the fans kindly suggested whether Adidas can sign some players from the two super strong teams, Can Adidas’s crazy series stand out on the highest stage of basketball? Because crazy explosive is really a good basketball shoe, isn’t it?
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In many people’s opinion, not signature shoes. Of course, even with signature shoes, crazy explosive 2016 can rank among the lineup of the strongest practical basketball shoes. In terms of shape, technology, color matching and spokesperson, crazy explosive 2016 is very good and has reached the standard of signature shoes. We see new design elements from this pair of shoes, which is different from the rigid design of Adidas basketball shoes in the past. We think it’s OK regardless of technology and appearance.
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When we got crazy explosive 2017, the first impression was conquered again. This shoe adidas has released two colors. I believe more people will prefer pure white, but this pair of gray is more grounded. This is the color of the earth. Just take it out and play.
Before the actual combat, we chose an underground parking garage to shoot this crazy explosive 2017. In the dark space, crazy explosive 2017 shows a low-key domineering spirit in the crisscross of light and darkness, with a feeling of impending.
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Compared with the previous work, crazy explosive 2017 changed the shoes to sock type. Primeknit has experienced many years of tests, and the technology has been mature and formed. Because the use of woven sock makes the tongue and upper of sneakers integrated, and primeknit’s excellent flexibility makes it really convenient to wear and take off.
The primeknit on the upper has also changed in crazy explosive 2017. Unlike the design language of primeknit in the past few years, it is only woven layer by layer. On crazy explosive 2017, primeknit has formed a striped design. This manufacturing process is very interesting and makes the appearance of the shoes more tension.
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The design of shoelace holes is similar to that of crazy explosive 2016. Two perforated belts form a large shoelace hole together, but compared with last year, the number of shoelace holes in the 2017 version has increased from 4 to 5. It is said that the spokesman Wiggins’s crazy explosive 2017pe version has 5. 4 will make the appearance look cooler, but 5 can make the shoes tie tighter and strengthen protection, After all, this is a pair of orthodox practical basketball shoes.
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Looking at the midsole, crazy explosive 2017 uses full-length dual density boost cushioning technology, which is one of the favorite technologies of the actual combat parties. It can be seen how much Adidas attaches importance to it. The advantage of boost is soft. It will produce elastic effect after starting and landing. With the guarantee of full-length, the quality of shoes immediately rises to a higher level. Crazy explosive 2016 uses the shell protective layer of boost, and the hollow design of the heel is like the splash of Mars after the explosion, which is vividly combined with the name of explosive, and can also see the boost technology. In crazy explosive 2017, this design is used. This protective shell connects the face and bottom, and cooperates with the TPU of the heel to strengthen the protection and support of the shoes, In addition, a ring support technology is specially added to the forefoot, which is not available in the 2016 version. The outer side of the boost is protected, while the inner side is completely exposed, because the inner side will not easily contact foreign objects.
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The rubber outsole with coral pattern ensures the wear resistance and anti-skid of the sole, and ensures both horizontal and vertical movement. It also continues the characteristics of the previous generation.
For the logo, like crazy explosive 2016, the three bars are arranged on the outside near the heel, which is not large, but very prominent. There are obvious “Adidas basketball” details on the heel Garter, which defines the classification of shoes, and there is an additional Adidas logo on the support plate of the sole arch. In a word, crazy explosive 2017 still doesn’t pay much attention to the display of the logo. It makes way for the overall shape of the shoes. For a pair of shoes with full sincerity, the practical school definitely wants to have a try.
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