#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation
  • Appearance design:7.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:7.0
  • Stability protection:7.0
  • Sole performance:7.0
  • cost performance:8.0


#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation1

Remember to share rose with you last year7I said when I was younger,2017This season will be Ross himselfDRoseA year later, Ross signed the Cavaliers with a base salary, and the newD Rose 8, it’s so strange.

In fact, it’s easy to understand that people drift in the Jianghu. Good times echo everywhere, and adversity is rare. Don’t take it too seriously.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation2

The Jianghu of sneakers is the same. Ross is no longer Adie’s number one, which is no longer news, but drose series sneakers still have many fans. First of all, full-length boost cushioning has been well-known. Secondly, adhering to the high top is also a clear stream in guard shoes. In addition, ADI’s oldest signature shoe series makes the drose series have a good mass base.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation3

Compared with the previous work, the 5th generation uses full-length boost for the first time, the 6th generation uses huge X-shaped ankle support, and the 7th generation PK material integrated upper. It seems that the latest D rose 8 does not continue the pace of the previous generation’s slow evolution, but is more like a pair of ordinary team shoes. However, shoes should not be judged by appearance. Let’s talk about them.

In terms of appearance

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation4

Like many friends, I also think this is the beauty of a pair of team shoes. The high top shape has no particularly sharp outline, and there is a rose on the tonguelogo, simply, there’s nothing to talk about. For this pair of black gold color matching, the highlight should be the bright gold of the soleTPUYes.

In terms of Technology

Midsole full lengthboostThere is no need to introduce too much.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation5

The upper and sole are a little interesting. First of all, the synthetic upper of mesh heating and melting material is very familiar. Yes, it was last summerball365It also adopts the same architecture. It effectively takes into account ventilation, comfort and strength. Although it is not a black technology, its practical performance is good.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation6

The soles, especially the outsoles, are somewhat innovative. The granular arrangement increases the friction coefficient at all angles on the basis of the traditional outsole pattern. This is also used by Nike in kobe10, kd8 and other sneakers in recent years, and the effect is good. ADI seems to use a similar concept for the first time in my impression.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation7

By contrast

Last year’s D rose 7 had a good discount in the market, so it was also cost-effective. In addition, the stadium has a wide adaptability, which is highly praised as a whole. So how did D rose 8 perform?

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation8

First of all, the overall shape of D rose 8 continues the 7th generation, and the upper is slightly lower than the 7th generation.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation9

The first half is relatively light. The difference is that most versions of the 7th generation use primeknit uppers, which are much more comfortable than the synthetic materials of the 8th generation, but the latter is better in terms of ventilation and strength.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation10

The back half strengthens the support of the ankle,7GenerativeTPUHigher, larger area, more beautiful shape, by contrast8Generation is not distracted enough.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation11

In terms of ankle filling, both pairs of shoes did well. Although the 8th generation did not have the complex structure of the 7th generation, the foam filled was thicker and thinner, which added some points to the appearance. In addition, the 8th generation has a special bend in the heel, which is helpful to offset the discomfort caused by too high upper. It’s a good detail.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation12

The midsole also adopts the full-length boost, and the thickness difference is almost negligible.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation13

The outer part of the forefoot also pays attention to the package of boost. The 7th generation directly extends the outsole, and the 8th generation adds a piece of support on the side.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation14

It can be said that the outsole is quite different between the two pairs of shoes. The 7th generation uses crystal material, with shallower grain renewal, and the 8th generation uses rubber material, with thicker grain shape, and thicker thickness than the 7th generation.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation15

The weight is basically the same.

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation16

In practice

1. Cushioning   Experienced friends should have experience. Although they are the same as the boost midsole, the foot feel of each pair of boost basketball shoes is still slightly different.

The foot feel of D rose 8 is slightly harder than that of generation 7, which is similar to that of harden 1.

After landing, you will obviously feel that D rose 8 has a very good sense of the field. You feel that the upper forefoot will be slightly thinner than generation 7, and the start-up feedback will be more positive than generation 7. The cushioning is good when running at high speed and taking off and landing (the author’s lightweight player is 65kg).

#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation17
2. Package & amp; Lock   It can be said that the shoe last of D rose 8 is exactly the same as that of generation 7. There is no big difference after the same size is put into the shoes. Just fasten the shoelace and go on the court.
Although the synthetic upper of D rose 8 will be a little uncomfortable when the new shoe is put on the foot, it fits well with the foot after actual running in. Although it is not as PK soft, it is better than strength.
Compared with D rose 8 and 7, there is an obvious feeling. If the lateral movement is too intense, the upper of generation 7 will be deformed very badly. Generation 8 can obviously provide support in the lateral direction of the forefoot.
The ankle package is also in place. As mentioned earlier, the foam is very thick and reassuring.
#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation18
3. Outsole   The outsole design of D rose 8 is very special, but a side effect of similar granular design is that the friction area is reduced, and the adhesion of the corresponding sole is reduced.
The author actually measured them on indoor courts, which may also be due to dust. The outsole performance of D rose 8 is not excellent, at least not as good as that of the reference generation 7. Of course, it is not so slippery that it is only a slight difference.
#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation19
If you read the full text carefully, you should be able to read my main idea. Although D rose 8 doesn’t look amazing on the whole, and even if it’s a little mean, it can be said that D rose 8 doesn’t look like a pair of signature shoes, but after careful experience, it is actually better than D rose 7 in terms of site feeling and upper strength, and small defects in indoor friction performance should also enhance wear resistance if they are put on outdoor venues, So on the whole, D rose 8 is still evolving a pair of shoes.
These are some of the author’s gains in this test, especially the recognition that you can’t “take shoes by appearance” again. I hope you can encourage each other and this evaluation will help you. Thank you.
#X-lab# people in the Jianghu — Adidas D rose 8 evaluation20