The history created by hyperdunk

2008-2018HyperdunkWitnessed the brilliance of Nike team basketball shoes in the past decade.

FlashHyperdunkHere comes the second10I’m afraid this is the basketball shoe series with the longest life besides the non signature shoes, just like the running shoespegasusIn that way, it has been going on. It has become a habit to meet us every year.

The history created by hyperdunk1

stayHyperdunkBefore, it seemed that only2KThis series of team shoes can make people remember deeplyHyperdunkIt’s like a synonym for team shoes. except2009yearHyperizeThis series has never been interrupted beyond chaos.

fortunately2010Nike designers willHDSave it, or we won’t see it bring wonderful year after year.

The history created by hyperdunk2

2008The 2008 Olympic Games,HyperdunkThe first generation was born, and then every world competition, such as the Olympic Games and the basketball world cup (World Championships), it will become the most dazzlingteam shoes。 By this year, there is no major international season, so the second10Dai was born with such a low profile.

Looking back,HyperdunkIt’s like a history book10Over the years, you have witnessed the development of basketball shoes and created many records and events. Maybe you don’t know the originalHyperdunkThat’s great. Please come and comb it with us.

Real team shoes

The history created by hyperdunk3

2008Nike invited Kobe Bryant to speakHyperdunk, and wear it at the Beijing Olympic Games. It is reasonable that Kobe has his own signature shoes, but he is willing to wear themHyperdunkIt can be seen that Nike attaches importance to it, and the American men’s basketball team wears it all except Howard, James and WadeHyperdunkEarly generation.

Flywire technology missionary

The history created by hyperdunk4

Today, nike basketball shoes are still indispensableFlywireThe first bearing object of Flywire technology isHyperdunk, rely on“Thread” to lock and support the upper for the futureFlyknitLaid the foundation.

LunarPrecursor of Technology

The history created by hyperdunk5

stayHyperdunk  two thousand and twelveStart usingLunarlonIt has been used in the early generation beforelunarTechnology, but it was still calledLunarlite, planted in the forefoot, and thenlunarThis foaming material is similar toZoomBecome togetherHyperdunkTechnology standard configuration.

The trigger of the technology scandal

The history created by hyperdunk6

Hyper dunk  two thousand and elevenThe technology description is front and back palm spacingZoom AirAir cushion, available in the continental version with only the back footZoomBut the price is not cheap, and this double standard also makesHyperdunkCast a shadow. here we are2016Nike launchedKobeofFTBSeries, including the first generationHyperdunk, the official introduction is the front and back palmsZoomIn fact, Nike was punished for the double standard.

First pair withNike+Chip basketball shoes

The history created by hyperdunk7

2012Year after year of the Olympic Games, Nike summit released a new technology——Nike+, a technology that embeds chips in shoes to connect mobile phone software. stayHyperdunk  two thousand and twelveIn, it used this technology and became popular all over the world for a time.

Wear signature shoes before you wear themHyperdunk

The history created by hyperdunk8

“Pickled pepper”2017Got the first generation of signature shoes in,2015He was stillHyperdunkWhat about our spokesmen, including Kelly·Owen is the same, so if you want to sign shoes, endorse them firstHyperdunkAll right.

The best team shoes

The history created by hyperdunk9

The history created by hyperdunk10

It is reasonable to say that signature shoes will have more co branding opportunities, butHyperdunkBut becameThe Ten”The only practical basketball shoe in2012It was also withUNDEFEATEDNike really attaches great importance to it.