The basic principle of Nike footwear design is to solve problems for athletes. At the beginning, only one running shoe was launched. Since then, Nike has devoted a lot of energy to studying the complexity of different sports combined with human actions, and will put forward new performance solutions every other year and every ten years.

Nike Sportswear Design team opens special project: ISPA
Nike Sportswear Design team opens special project: ISPA1
Nike Sportswear Design team opens special project: ISPA2

Nike React LW WR Mid ISPAYesNike React Element ’87Based on the model, a water-resistant urban sports boot is designed by deconstruction.

ISPAyesNike SportswearA special project launched by the design team is fully in line with the real Nike spirit to listen to the voice of athletes, but one difference is that the team is not keen on analyzing the challenges of creating a new sprint record, but focuses on improving the interactive relationship with the urban living environment. Or just likeISPAShoe Designer Shamees AdenWhat you said,ISPAAllow “daily commute”5reach8Kilometers of people “observed the environment intermittently.

“If you work on the function, you will get the design.”.

Nathan Jobe

For example, by observing the combination of different components designed according to performance, we can get a lightweight sneaker that can resist cold and humid environment. Although it seems very simple, success depends entirely on the designer’s sensitivity and understanding of every material, platform and tool used.

NSWSenior creative director of footwearNathan JobeSaid: “from the beginning, we thought,” the definition of these shoes depends entirely on the problem we intend to solve. “This has become a recurring theme. We can learn from the essence of Nike, that is, all new and innovative technologies to solve what we see in people’s lack, such asNike REACTAnd beautiful technical fabrics and materials. “

As the first paragraphISPAMarked products,Nike REACT LW WR Mid ISPAIt fully conforms to these four points(I: IMPROVISE, impromptu;S: SCAVENGE, Integration;P: PROTECT, Protection;A: ADAPT, Adaptation). This shoe is based onNike React Element ’87The model is a water-resistant sports boot designed by deconstruction. Each component is easy to understand and there is no redundant design.

ISPALeader of design innovation teamDarryl Matthews“It is this sincere shoe making method that makes this shoe very attractive. Our product development process is clearly reflected in the aesthetic appearance. The design of the upper fully meets the specifications of the internal water-resistant lining, which can usually be used in the water-resistant liningACGThis liner is found between the lining and upper of hiking boots. Exactly the same! We also ensure that the height and manufacturing method of the shoes are correct, so this is a water-resistant functional product, which is the real meaning of the protective element. “

Nike Sportswear Design team opens special project: ISPA3

Another sincere design element is also reflected in the team’s basic understanding of urban life. Because the environment of one day’s life is always changing, the solutions proposed now may not be suitable for the future5Years later, this is no problem because ISPA We will constantly put forward new solutions according to future problems.

Nike REACT LW WR Mid ISPAscheduled to11It will be available in Greater China in late June.