#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation
  • Appearance design:7.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:9.0
  • Stability protection:8.0
  • Sole performance:7.0
  • cost performance:8.0

 “Mutation is the key to our evolution. It enables us to evolve from a single celled organism to a dominant species on earth. This process is very slow and usually takes tens of millions of years, but the evolutionary process will leap forward every hundreds of thousands of years…”

– X-Men

After seeing that Carter, who is nearly 40, can still easily dunk the big windmill, I really doubt that there are mutants in the world, at least in the NBA League. They are gifted, amazing and explosive. They can always use passion and exaggerated actions to drive the audience’s emotions and affect the game results. Adidas launched a sneaker crazy explosive for them this year. After wearing it in recent weeks, I will now share with you the actual combat experience of this pair of “x-boots”.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation1

First, let’s talk about the evaluation environment



Playing position and style: pg / SG, occasionally guest star in SF, combination of sudden jump, passing with the ball, more direction change, speed change and continuous jump.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation2

Appearance 7 points

As mentioned in the static review, from the exposure of spy photos to seeing the real object, the shape of this pair of shoes has always given me the feeling of mountaineering boots, but when I got the real object, the detail texture of the overall PK upper still added a lot of points to its appearance value. You can see the effect after putting on your feet. There is no comment here.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation3

There’s a saying about shoes these days“Insufficient appearance and color matching”, crazy explosive has many colors, and the upper has PK and hot melt versions, which brings two different texture feelings on the appearance. In particular, the details of the inner boot pattern and the logo of various PE versions on the tongue further enhance the playability of this pair of shoes in the appearance.

There should be a score of 7 points. In addition, I prefer the version of PK upper.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation4

Comfort 9 points

The local feeling of the fertile and elastic back of the palm, the foot spa fitting the inner boot, and the toe primeknit free rider with excellent extension perfectly cater to the initial definition of a good pair of shoes. If this item is graded according to the feeling of fitting, I will give it full marks without hesitation, but with further wearing, I will have some deeper and different experiences.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation5

First of all, its upper is very soft, especially the Achilles tendon, which is very easy to collapse and inconvenient to wear, but at the same time, the softer texture will not cause friction discomfort during exercise; Secondly, the roll cage, which is wide and soft on the outside, is designed in the forefoot of the shoe last, which just avoids the bending of the toes during exercise, with good forefoot comfort and large toe activity allowance; Finally, let’s talk about the midsole. The fertile, soft and elastic full-length boost almost makes the wearer forget the existence of the softer roll cage and the gullied outsole. It feels very comfortable during exercise, but it brings a little unreal in daily wear, as if the soles of the feet become thicker and softer out of thin air.

9 points, for the unrestrained toes and the “unreal” of the sole of the foot.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation6

Cushioning 9 points

The excellent performance of crazy explosive midsole has been mentioned earlier. Full length boost shoes will bring different cushioning feelings according to TPU, outsole and roll cage. Once this pair of shoes is put on your feet, you will feel its super cushioning from the back. Although the full-length boost thickness is designed to be thin in the front and thick in the back in order to increase the responsiveness of the shoes, which makes it obvious that the front and back have no cushioning, you will still feel its real existence during exercise, making people feel very comfortable.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation7

By comparison, the cushioning performance of ultra boost is greater than that of crazy explosive and greater than that of crazy light2016. 9 points, leaving 1 point to expect a stronger realization of boost in the field of basketball shoes.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation8

Protection 8 points

If the protection of the ankle depends on various ingenious and painstaking support and binding designs at the upper, crazy explosive will disappoint you, because its upper is very soft and feels as light and flexible as huarache. The steady protective feeling brought by crazy explosive comes from the TPU hidden in the inner boot and heel. They will lock the wearer’s heel firmly with the inner boot of the sneaker. Even if the shoelace is not tied, it can be well wrapped during exercise, so that the foot will not loosen and slip in the shoe, so that the enough freedom at the toe mentioned above will not affect the wearing stability of the shoe.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation9

However, it is still necessary to fasten the shoelace, mainly to protect the arch fascia. The large TPU tray in the shape of 8 in the midsole does not play a good role in linking the front and rear palms. On the contrary, the shoelace system can better confine the upper to the inner boots, so as to make the wearer’s feet and shoes more integral and play a better role in linking the front and rear palms.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation10

Protection finally, let’s talk about the forefoot. The super elasticity of PK vamp determines that the forefoot of crazy explosive is not rigid enough to resist the external pressure, but I personally think it’s also good. At least it won’t hurt the nails when the vamp is too hard and stops moving. It mainly depends on everyone’s playing style. I give 8 points.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation11

Sole 7 points

No matter whether the sole pattern technology is a gimmick or not, the traction performance of the sole is quite good. This is a shoe designed for players with strong explosive power. Whether it is an indoor wooden floor or an outdoor plastic field, it can step on and hold the ground firmly during emergency stop, sudden start and direction change.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation12

7 points, no horse brand wear-resistant outsole is adopted, and the durability needs to be tested in time. (how I once trusted the durability of non horse brand crazylight soles. As a result, the local lines on the soles have been smoothed out in 3 months…)

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation13

Weight 8 points

Size 43, single weight 460g, acceptable.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation14

Cost performance: 8 points

After all, the team basketball shoes priced at nearly 1500 should give enough face to so many top technologies. The discount on a treasure is lower than crazylight 2016, but I personally think the wearing experience is better than crazylight. Hundreds of people can feel the top real sneaker technology, and can also have exaggerated shapes, various colors and PE versions. The cost performance is still outstanding, 8 points.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation15

Subjective comprehensive evaluation 28 points

Recently, I prefer to buy more recommended shoes, comfortable and practical basketball shoes. Although I don’t like this color, the proportion of preference will gradually increase with the comfort score of older people.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation16

Total score 84

With the departure of wall, Adidas replaced the spokesperson of this shoe with Wiggins. He is the same No. 1 player and has the same talent. However, the wolf’s life in the NBA began with being traded. Now the team is still in a potential period and in a stage in urgent need of proving itself. I hope that with the protection of crazy explosive, the wolves will have a happy 2017 season under his leadership. We will wait and see.

#X-lab#x Boots – Crazy explicit actual combat evaluation17