#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review
  • Appearance design:6.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:8.0
  • Stability protection:5.0
  • Sole performance:7.0
  • cost performance:6.0

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review1

 I remember when I was a child, I always liked to take a basketball magazine, turn to the pages of shoe store advertisements, look at the brief description of a pair of sneakers and configuration in the grid diagram, like selecting Android mobile phones, play a game between brand, price, configuration, shape and endorsement of each pair of shoes in my mind, and estimate my little pocket money, Finally, a pair of shoes without star endorsement will be selected, the price is relatively low, the appearance is not amazing, and the configuration is fairly good. This year’s Nike Zoom evidence may even be such shoes. I have formed this evaluation through my wearing and practical experience in recent weeks, and I will share it with you briefly.

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review2

First, let’s talk about the evaluation environment

Height: 180cm

Weight: 78kg

Playing position and style: pg / SG, occasional guest star SF, combination of sudden jump, passing with the ball, more direction change, speed change and continuous jump.

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review3

Appearance: 6 points

To tell you the truth, my first feeling when I got the shoes was stupid. The smell of rubber like Crocs came to my face. After searching the zoom evidence from the shoebox on the Internet with trembling hands, I thought that if there was a sentence called “insufficient appearance and color matching”, the person who said this must not know that there are these shoes. Close the shoebox and throw it away. I want to be quiet, And don’t ask me who I am

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review4

It should be taken out a few days later. The upper foot is actually OK. The color of the double-layer two-color fabric upper changes faintly at different angles in the sun. The fly line of the inclined design of the heel and forefoot similar to hyperdunk should be a highlight.

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review5

Comfort 8 points

The light and thin fabric upper can fold freely without squeezing the foot surface. If the air permeability of basketball shoes is divided into three levels, this pair of shoes should be “hot”, and the other two levels are “very hot” and “very hot”; The effect of flying thread is still obvious. It can provide a good wrapping feeling of the forefoot, which is much better than those designed with glued buttons on the forefoot; The upper without hard filling and the extremely thin tongue create a sense of freedom at the ankle and heel, which is in great contrast to the package of the forefoot, so I will use the last shoelace hole when playing; The midsole should have no TPU support, making it easy to fold the sole back and forth; Just on the foot, you will obviously feel a small air cushion pestle in the forefoot, but it will be difficult to find it after wearing it for a period of time. Some only have almost the same cushioning feeling in the whole palm, without rebound but with a certain softness. After a few games, I am quite satisfied with the overall comfort. The forefoot is fully wrapped and the ankle is not bound. Although the sole does not rebound, it has certain cushioning, and the whole is very light.

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review6

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review7

Cushioning 6 points

As mentioned above, the sole will gradually open and soften as you wear it slowly. Although it is called forefoot zoom, you really don’t have any expectations for air cushion. However, on the whole, the sole cushioning is still relatively soft, with strong touch to the ground and relatively stable when changing direction.

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review8

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review9

Protection 5 points

The fabric upper is very soft. Although there is glue on the toe, if you step on it, it will be enough for your toes; It can be said that the upper has no support for the ankle. When playing, you must wear it to the last shoelace hole, otherwise you will hesitate that the package at the ankle is not enough, making the heel more unstable in the shoe; The unsupported midsole is a test of the wearer’s arch and foot strength; All 5 points are given to the flying line of the forefoot. During exercise, the dynamic package of the forefoot is very comfortable and tight. In static state, if the foot is wide, you can buy more than half or one size.

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review10

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review11

Sole 7 points

The full-length peak pattern outsole provides good grip performance. Although there is some dust in both infield and outfield, there is no obvious instability in grip; Wear resistance is average. After wearing it for more than a week, there has been obvious wear in the middle of the forefoot.

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review12

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review13

Weight 8 points

Size 43, single weight 335g, very light to wear, easy to ride the whole game.

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review14

Cost performance: 6 points

I remember the official 699. Add more than 100 to buy PG1. It’s about 400 online. It’s almost the same as penny2. Although the actual combat effect is very satisfactory to me, what can we say in an age when children are not poor and the star effect is very strong? Six is good.

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review15

Subjective comprehensive evaluation 20 points

At the time of writing this article, I haven’t seen this pair of shoes on the official website. It can be seen that it is a pure practical model of the hook family. In a word, comment on it: a pair of lightweight basketball shoes with obvious contrast between the front and rear palms, lack of protection, but remarkable cushioning. The actual combat effect will definitely amaze you. Shoes that can make you forget its existence and concentrate on playing basketball.

#X-Lab# old fellow iron, steady! Nike zoom event review16

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Total score 66

As a pair of basketball shoes, you will feel that old fellow hooks can make shoes better. You should say that you can wear shoes with higher positioning in the second hand. But for my age old fellow, I can’t help thinking of the same online price with penny2. I have to question the design and technology of the two models. Is the old iron so stable?