This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth

A few years ago, speaking ofAir Jordan 1 You can find this pair of sneakers by looking carefullyOutletOr find a pair of good colors at a discount. And now, this pairJordan Brand The styles with the most colors become extremely hot. You can’t start with the original price for the colors with a little story. The classic colors and joint names are flying.

fromJordan Brand startRemaster Starting from looking for the route of returning to the first year of sneaker products, we hope to present the original flavor from shoebox, packaging, to the overall material, details and color matching. This strategy is undoubtedly very successful. You got itAJ1Don’t wear shoelaces at first. This detail is enough to get back the initial feeling. You’ll find that from that year on,AJ1Rapid warming.

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth1

afterNike Here we areOff-White Manager ofVirgil AblohCompletely detonated the nuclear bomb.

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth2

The world after the nuclear explosion is what you see now. Some people are worried about itAJ1 Very keen, must have a pair of color matching with a story, preferablyOff White Deconstructed version of, which is a necessary piece in the trend. Some people despise wearing clothes very muchAJ1 In this case, I think this pair of sneakers has been the standard configuration of follow-up dogs, which can also be regarded as a reaction to the sequelae of nuclear explosion.

Whether you like this pair of shoes or not, you should take a look at today’s version. The people who can get this pair of shoes have a high position in the circle of shoes and fashion, and also show their taste.

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth3

When you see this package, someone can guess one or two. The sneakers are for the famous buyer’s shop that closed last yearcolette Although it is a little late, it is full of sincerity.

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth4

It turns out that people always thought this pair of sneakers wereJordan Brand Private gifts, probably only one pair, forColette Rousseaux My daughterSarah Andleman Specially made. Until Edison ChenInstagram This photo is shared above, which makes this shoe rekindle everyone’s hope. It shows thatJordan Brand Not just a pair, but asFriends & Family The limit appears. Edison Chen’s receipt of such a special version shows his position in the trend world.

Colette The blue with the extraordinary French confirms the meaning behind this pair of shoes, which is the end of an immortal myth.

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth5

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth6
This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth7
This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth8
This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth9
This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth10

You may think this pair of shoes is not as hot as other co names and colors, and you haven’t even heard of them. But it is such a mysterious version that can be called the king of the trend. People who can wear these shoes need not only wealth, but also taste, influence and brand recognition.

last year12monthColette When the store is about to close, many people go to worship. This is not only a souvenir, but also people’s reluctance to give up some beautiful things.

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth11

NikeThis tribute seems a little late, but for immortal, eternalColette Generally speaking, the nostalgia meeting has always been accompanied. This store defines a buyer’s shop, defines the attitude towards fashion belonging to Paris and France, and defines an attitude that can not be imitated.

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth12

The co branded style is usedColette Classic blue, and roundLogo 1997Year isColette When it was established, the sole was in French“Bonjour”, represents the beginning of greetings, hello.2017Last year,Colette At the end of the period, he said“Au Revior”, it’s goodbye. Bye. Just these two words are enough to move people. This kind of beginning and farewell is so simple and full of romanticism.

Compared with high-profile hype and catering, romance is the eternity of the fashion circle and the last precipitation of the fashion industry.

Many people say,Colette The same brand will never appear in a buyer’s shop that can’t be surpassed, and no one can replicate this success.Colette Run20In, there was only such a shop in Paris, with no branches and no business right to resell. Everything is based on fashion and art. The window is changed once a week, the store furnishings are changed irregularly, and the activities of the store are uninterrupted throughout the year. These can not be written in the manual, and everything needs to be changedColette RousseauxAnd daughter Sarah Andleman Two people take the lead.

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth13

Colette There are also very beautifying and warm elements in the closure of the company. Everything is becauseColette Roussaux It’s time to enjoy your time, not anymoreColetteColette There is no need to continue. Such a capricious thing, inColette When you choose to retire at the height of the sun, you can also see the particularity of this store. Everything is the extension of the life and spirit of mother and daughter.Karl Lagerfeld I think this store needs two people together, both mother and daughter are indispensable, and mutual support and understanding permeate into itColette In the concept of.

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth14

We are constantly talking about all kinds of things“Goodbye”, goodbye youth, goodbye a relationship, goodbye yourself, goodbye favorite brand, goodbyeColette

Writing this emotion into a pair of sneakers is sometimes more moving and acceptable than other hype and simple trends.Colette It tells a story that will be shared, created and transmitted. This story will be passed on. I hope you can read something from it. To imitate and imitate, to follow and follow, can not be yourself.Colette And its blue has become eternal, it is a unique existence.

This pairAJ1 I miss a shop that can’t be surpassed in my own form, and the people who wear these shoes must be constantly pursuing themselves and creating a better world.

This pair of blue aj1 can show your worth15

saluteColetteJordan Brand, Edison Chen and all the people who are creating beauty!